The Feldenkrais Guild UK

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Feldenkrais Guild UK is the professional organisation of Feldenkrais practitioners and teachers. The Feldenkrais Method uses gentle movement and directed attention. It is named after its originator, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc (1904-1984), a Russian-born physicist, judo expert, mechanical engineer and educator. The Feldenkrais Method is based on principles of physics, biomechanics and an understanding of learning and human development. The Method has the following features.

  • Anyone can benefit from the Feldenkrais Method - young or old, physically challenged or physically fit.
  • People experiencing chronic or acute pain of the back, neck, shoulder, hip, legs or knee, symptoms of stress and strain have benefited, as well as healthy individuals wishing to enhance their self-image and sense of well-being.
  • The Method has helped people whose movement is limited following injury and central nervous system conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and stroke.
  • Musicians, actors, athletes and artists have extended their abilities and enhanced their creativity.
  • Many older people enjoy using it to retain or regain their flexibility and ability to move without strain or discomfort.
  • Lessons are taught in two forms. In groups, Awareness Through Movement, the practitioner guides individuals mostly verbally; in individual sessions, Functional Integration, also using gentle touch.

Last updated on 31/10/2013