Rape and Abuse Line

Helpline (For a male support worker): 0808 800 0122
Helpline (For a female support worker): 0808 800 0123
Tel (Office): 01349 865316
Web: www.rapeandabuseline.co.uk

The Rape and Abuse Line (RAL) is a registered charity. Their aim is to support survivors of rape and sexual abuse, however long ago their experiences were. They also offer support to families or partners of the person affected.

They offer a free and confidential support helpline answered by women as well as one answered by men. They also offer free face to face support and counselling sessions within a wide range of Highland and Island areas.

Their work is carried out by specifically trained support workers, who work from a person-centred ethos. RAL believe that each journey is unique and they try to support each client in the way appropriate to them.

Last updated on 21/07/2012