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The British Voice Association (the BVA) is a registered charity whose remit is the encouragement of a healthy voice, vocal skills and communication in such areas as the performing arts, business and industry, medicine and education. The BVA recognises the human voice as an essential element of our communication and well-being. It is devoted to people with voice problems, ranging from severe pathology and cancer to subtle difficulties of artistic performance, all of whom are entitled to the best care available. To that end, the BVA is dedicated to supporting, informing and encouraging members of all professions who work with these individuals.

  • To encourage good vocal health and communication in Great Britain.
  • To provide an educational forum to ensure that voice professionals can share and update their knowledge.
  • To prevent voice-related disability in such arenas as the classroom, the work-place and the stage.
  • To facilitate research and learning in voice-related fields.
  • To provide education, learning and research in voice and communication through symposia, inter-active study days, seminars, training courses and workshops.
  • To disseminate up to date information on healthy voice practices and on voice problems through written materials, including its professional journal, Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, its Newsletter, and through the internet.
  • To create awareness among the public, through the development of brochures, regarding healthy voice use and care and prevention of voice problems.
Their website has an 'Ask the BVA' webpage. This initiative is inspired by the many enquiries they receive at the BVA office. Most of these enquiries are from members or from the general public who are worried about their own or a relative/friend’s voice. Most of these enquiries are requests for information or advice.

Last updated on 21/07/2012