Ataxia UK

Lincoln House
Kennington Park 1-3 Brixton Road London

Tel (Helpline): 0845 644 0606 Tel (Office): 020 7582 1444 Fax: 020 7582 9444

Ataxia UK is a charity aiming to support all people affected by ataxia; people with the condition, their familes, carers and friends.

They also fund research into causes and developing safe, effective treatments. Their ultimate goal is to find a cure for ataxia.

Ataxia UK help people to live with ataxia in the meantime by providing a range of services that include:
  • Conferences - an annual conference for people with ataxia and their families; an annual conference for the scientific community; and a programme of activity weekends. The weekends enable smaller groups with a particular interest, for example young people, parents or newly diagnosed people and their families, to come together to talk and socialise.
  • Local groups - a network of branches and support groups can combat isolation to give you insights, support and new friends.
  • Research - partly due to projects funded by Ataxia UK, research into the ataxias has progressed appreciably in the last 20 years. Many genes that cause ataxia have now been identified. This means it is possible to have a genetic test for a large number of the inherited ataxias. Such breakthroughs also give us a far better understanding of the disease mechanism, which paves the way for future treatment trials.
  • Support - a quarterly magazine, a telephone helpline, publications and one-to-one contact. They also award welfare grants.

Last updated on 21/07/2012