Adults Affected by Adoption - NORCAP

112 Church Road Wheatley Oxon OX33 1LU

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Adults Affected by Adoption - NORCAP (AAA-NORCAP) is a national organisation focused entirely upon supporting adults affected by adoption. It is a registered Adoption Support Agency and Intermediary Agency and a registered charity. The services of the charity are available to adopted adults, birth parents and other relatives, and adoptive family members and other people affected by adoption or adoption reunion issues.

The aim of AAA-NORCAP is to provide the widest range of specialist adoption support services for people over 18 years of age whose lives have been affected by adoption.

  • Provides a range of specialist services for adults affected by adoption.
  • Operates the largest UK adoption contact register.
  • Gives guidance on how to locate lost relatives.
  • Provides a well-equipped search room.
  • Provides a specialist intermediary service to facilitate renewed contact between adopted people and members of their birth families.
  • Provides Schedule 2 birth records counselling and associated services under contract to Local Authorities.
  • Provides a range of Adoption Support Services for adults through contracts or service level agreements with Local Authorities.
  • Campaigns on issues important to adults affected by adoption.
  • Makes the wishes and views of adults affected by adoption known to government.
  • Maintains a network of home based volunteers who the charity has trained and equipped to provide individual support, assistance and guidance to service users.
  • Organises or contributes to many local groups run for adults affected by adoption.
  • Publishes accounts of personal experience of adoption and other associated topics.
  • Signposts people to other sources of support and assistance.
  • Provides a range of training and consultancy services.

Last updated on 21/07/2012