Medicines & Drugs by category Medicines used to treat gastrointestinal conditions

The leaflets in this section are authored by an experienced pharmacist. Pharmacists are experts in medicines. The medicines in this section include those which act on the gut (bowel). Problems in this section are quite common such as indigestion, diarrhoea, indigestion and constipation. They include antacids, various types of laxatives, preparations to treat piles (haemorrhoids) and anti-sickness medicines. If you've ever thought "Who shouldn't take lactulose?", "How do I take my ranitidine?", "How do I get the most from my senna treatment?" or "What problems can omeprazole cause?" information leaflets in this section will have answers for you.

Aluminium hydroxide capsulesAlverine capsules (Audmonal, Spasmonal)
Balsalazide - ColazideBeclometasone tablets for ulcerative colitis
Bisacodyl (Dulcolax)Budesonide capsules and granules
Budesonide rectal preparationsCimetidine to reduce stomach acid - Tagamet
Colestyramine sachets - QuestranCo-magaldrox suspension - Maalox, Mucogel
Co-phenotrope tablets for diarrhoea - LomotilDicycloverine
Diloxanide tabletsDocusate sodium
Esomeprazole to reduce stomach acid - Emozul, NexiumFamotidine to reduce stomach acid
Glycerol suppositories for constipationGranisetron for sickness - Kytril, Sancuso
Hydrocortisone rectal foamHyoscine butylbromide tablets (Buscopan)
Ispaghula husk for constipation (Fybogel, Ispagel)Lactulose for constipation (Lactugal)
Lansoprazole to reduce stomach acid - Zoton FasTabLinaclotide capsules - Constella
Loperamide for diarrhoeaLubiprostone for constipation (Amitiza)
Macrogols for constipation or bowel cleansingMagnesium hydroxide
Magnesium trisilicateMebeverine (Colofac)
MesalazineMethylcellulose tablets (Celevac)
Metoclopramide - MaxolonMisoprostol
Nabilone capsulesNizatidine to reduce stomach acid
Olsalazine - DipentumOmeprazole to reduce stomach acid - Losec, Mepradec, Mezzopram
Ondansetron for sicknessOrlistat capsules (Alli, Beacita, Xenical)
PancreatinPantoprazole to reduce stomach acid
Peppermint oil capsules - Colpermin, Mintec, ApercapPrednisolone rectal preparations
Preparations for haemorrhoids (piles) containing a corticosteriodPropantheline tablets (Pro-Banthine)
Prucalopride for constipation (Resolor)Rabeprazole to reduce stomach acid
Racecadotril for acute diarrhoea - HidrasecRanitidine to reduce stomach acid
Rifaximin for liver problems - TargaxanRifaximin for traveller's diarrhoea - Xifaxanta
SennaSodium picosulfate (Dulcolax Pico)
Sterculia granules (Normacol)Sucralfate for ulcers - Antepsin
SulfasalazineTripotassium dicitratobismuthate tablets - De-Noltab
Ursodeoxycholic acid