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This section provides reliable information on how to positively change your diet, exercise and lifestyle to promote your health and that of your family. Our doctor-authored leaflets will help you answer questions like "How do I eat healthily?", "How much alcohol is safe?" and "Is smoking really bad for me?". The leaflets also contain information on treatments to help you, for example nicotine replacement treatments or tablets for stopping smoking, or help you prevent problems, such as "How do I examine myself?" (breasts or testes) or "Which treatment should I use to prevent malaria?".

Advice for Travelling to Remote Locations Alcohol and Liver Disease
Alcohol and Sensible Drinking Aspirin and Other Antiplatelet Medicines
BMI Calculator Breast Screening
Breast-feeding Cardiovascular Health Risk Assessment - Sharing Your Information Cervical Screening (Cervical Smear Test)
Checking for Head Lice Cholesterol
Eat More Fruit and Vegetables Fibre and Fibre Supplements
Get to Know Your Testes (Testicles) Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
Healthy Eating Healthy Lifestyle - Five Choices
How to Follow the Mediterranean Diet Living with a Long-term Condition
Low-fat Diet Sheet Malaria Prevention
Nicotine Replacement Therapy Obesity and Overweight in Adults
Obesity and Overweight in Children Orlistat - Help With Weight Loss
Physical Activity For Health Pregnancy - Planning to Become Pregnant
Pregnancy and Physical Activity Pregnancy and Smoking
Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases Preventing DVT When You Travel
Preventing Skin Cancer Prevention of Falls in the Elderly
RCGP Parents Leaflet RCGP Young People's Leaflet
Recommended Safe Limits of Alcohol Relaxation Exercises
Sexually Transmitted Infections Smoking - and Others (Passive Smoking)
Smoking - Helping to Stop with Bupropion Smoking - Helping to Stop with Varenicline
Smoking - How Addicted Are You? Smoking - The Benefits of Stopping
Smoking - The Facts Smoking - Tips to Help you Stop
Sun and Health Surgery for Obesity
Tips for Dealing with Lactose Intolerance Weight Reduction - How to Lose Weight