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The cure for my chilblains is...

Calcium tablets WITH Vitamin D. I have had sixty odd years with chilblains and I am only grateful to my childhood doctor for this cure because without it I don't know what I would have done otherwise.

You won't get immediate relief from taking the tablets. If you are in the grip of a bad chilblain attack it may take two to three weeks of taking a tablet three times a day after meals before you see an improvement. The best way is to take the tablets as a preventative treatment. As soon as you feel the signs that signal the onset of chilblains take, to start with, one tablet a day and increase as necessary. I only take them as necessary. When the symptoms go away and/or the weather turns mild I stop taking them and look out for the symptoms returning again.

The following is a background to my lifestyle so that you can, if you wish, equate it with your own. You will see that despite having a diet reasonably rich in calcium and vitamin D and being involved in plenty of physical activity I still need to take these tablets when confronted with chilblains.

I am a fit, active and healthy 67 year old and without taking those tablets I would get chilblains every winter. My feet are always cold from Autumn to Spring despite my body feeling warm and what I wear on on my feet and whether I am inside or outside the house. My feet even know, in a warm and carpeted room, when there is a hard frost outside by giving a tingling sensation. One other symptom I have, which might be indicative of poor circulation to the extremities, is white fingers which I get quite often even though the rest of my body is warm.

When I was young I did a lot of long distance running, played Rugby, Soccer and Badminton competitively. I now ride a bike most days for at least an hour and so it is obviously nothing to do with lack of exercise. How those poor soldiers who were prone to chilblains in the first world war coped with the complaint in the trenches I dread to think.

Diet wise I have an orange every morning, followed by porrige with milk and honey, followed by a round of wholemeal bread with marmalade. Midday I have a meal consisting of meat with three or four vegetables and in the evening I'll have wholemeal bread with cheese. It's not as plain as it sounds because whilst breakfast is invariably the same, I never seem to tire of that, the midday meals do vary by using potatoes, rice or pasta dishes and in the evening, ham and salmon may be used in lieu of cheese with other additions of onions, tomatoes, beetroot and lettuce etc. I do not smoke and I drink on average a glass of wine a day and occasionally a pint or two of beer.

I hope, if you try the above remedy, it works for you. At least if it doesn't the tablets will have helped in warding off osteoporosis and at the best you will join me in being eternally grateful to Dr Gould, my childhood doctor!

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  • Guest

    [color=darkblue:96e122bbf2][/color:96e122bbf2] smile How well I know your experiences with chilblains! I have suffered as long as I can remember. Some years are worse than others, but rarely a year has gone by without at least a mild attack. I live in the south of England where temperatures are not extreme. I have recently retired, so I am not as physically active as I used to be. Perhaps this is why I am already suffering a bad attack despite no frosts yet! I do suffer from poor circulation: my fingers easily go white and dead, and this is the precursor to the first chilblain. My grandfather and my father suffered from the same white fingers although I do not recall them complaining of chilblains. I was a smoker, although I stopped 20 years ago. I have had to have surgery to my carotid arteries to unblock them, and I have type 2 diabetes - two reasons for me to beware of certain 'cures'. Your suggestion is certainly worth trying, and I shall discuss it with my GP. Thank you for sharing this.

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  • Guest

    I suffered with chilblains as a child, some 55 years ago. Then they disappeared. About 8 years ago I started a dog walking business, so now I am out in all weathers, cold, wet, etc. The chilblains returned about 4 years ago, and I have suffered every winter since then. I read the experience on Calcium and Vit D and started taking it about 2 weeks ago. I have to say, the chilblains are going - no longer painful or swollen, although my affected toes are still a bit red. I cannot believe it! I'm not counting my chickens yet though, but certainly seems to work.

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  • rhondacanada

    I have a daughter who is 6. I live in Toronto Canada. It's been a freezing winter. Still today is -19 degrees Celsius and it's March 13th.

    My daughter has a huge toe. Podiatrist says it's Chilblains. Vaseline and warm socks he said . Never heard of it and I grew up in frigid weather.

    What is the amount of calcium and Vitamin D that I should give a child? And who is Dr. Gould? Can I contact him?

    Thanks. Please answer if you can.

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