My vitiligo started with a small patch on the back of my hand and gradually got bigger. My doctor identified it as vitiligo and gave me steroid cream which did nothing. I searched the Internet and decided to visit professor Schallreuter in Germany - although all subsequent treatments were at Bradford University in England. I was told that I should benefit from treatment and purchased a narrow band lamp and the pseudocatalase cream. Then, because summer had ended and my hands lost their tan (I'm white) and the vitiligo patches were not so visible - I didn't bother doing the treatment regime. Nest summer more patches had appeared on the back of both hands and a small one on one knee. I started the treatment in earnest and after a few months repigmentation had started on both hands. (I haven't bothered with the knee yet as the patch doesn't get any bigger). I now (May 2009) have the big patches (30x20cm) half filled in but other little patches have started. I hope I'll be able completely get rid of my white patches by following the professor's regime and not be lazy. At first I felt I was so unlucky to get this but in other ways I'm lucky it's still so minor (at present). I do have camouflage cream to cover the patches but I'm worried that it may interfere with the effect of the pseudocatalase cream so I don't use it much - even though the back of the hands is very visible. Still only suffering with hands and one knee at present. Good luck to everyone else with this confidence affecting disease.

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