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removal of outer lining of lung

hi my name is Patrick, i had a spontanious pneumothorax 3 times in a month and i went under surgery in united kindom for the removal of the pleural from my left lung and had my lung stuck to the chest wall. that was 20 years ago.I visited the surgen 6 months after the opperation and he said i could have a normal life excluding using artifiticial respiration, I wish to know what did he mean by artificial respiration.

Please answer me back

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  • daragh2350 »patrickb

    Hi Patrick,

    I also had the operation and its also 20 years ago now. How do you feel? I think he meant you might need to use oxygen later in life, maybe? I know that I have developed some problems with my breathing that make me feel like I am in a panic attack but I have many solutions that I can share with you, if you want. Cheers, Daragh

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    • patrickb »daragh2350

      Hi I don't have any problems since my op the only thing is that I have a tingling feeling when I touch my scar , I still smoke approx 10 fags a day , I go jogging 4kms once every 3 days and do cycling once and again minimum 30kms .ive never heard any one who has had my kind of surgery saying that in the future oxygen will be a must as you have commented and I have never experienced any panic attacks ever , so what it really bothers me is that why can't i do scuba diving or any kind of sport using artificial respiration? 

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    • daragh2350 »patrickb

      Patrick, Hi!

      I misunderstood - I see the doctor meant that normal exlcusing the use of oxygen tanks etc, right! But, dood, smoking and pneumo, not a good combination. I had trouble with smoking for years and now, thank god its under control but I do attribute my lungs issues now with smoking on and off my whole life. Its the one thing I think we should - no one - should do comfortably in their life. its total poison and for the lungs, man, when I cant reach the breath I need when cycling hard or swimming Its not the pneumo I blame but the fags! Cheers, Daragh

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  • vincent18288 »patrickb

    Hey guys,

    I had the surgery last week and I am wondering if you had some prolonged numbness / skin-sensitivity after the operation?

    If yes, how long before it went away?

    Thank you!

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