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Omeprazole not working

Can anyone help? I have suspected Acid Reflux and I have been taking Omeprazole for 3 weeks, I have only noticed a very slight improvement in my condition and I'm wondering if I should stop taking them or do they take much longer to take effect. I have to say I'm not too happy taking them with all the side effects!

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  • northeast96

    I was taking Omeprazole for 6 months before the symptoms significantly improved. This was long enough for the inflammation in my stomach to clear up and they are now no longer necessary. However, it caused lack of focus and blurring in my eyes which hasn't completely cleared up one year later. Hope this helps but I would warn some people suffer hair loss. I was lucky I didn't but my hair is still in very poor condition.


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  • Guest

    Hi Jean,

    I have suffered from heartburn and acid reflux for just over 12months and initially my GP prescribed Omeprazole which I took for just over 2 weeks but felt no improvement to my condition as i had quite bad oesophagitus so as omeprazole doesn't give immediate relief I gave up.

    I have been throug endoscopy and ph mamontry testing which confirmed a hernia. I was advised to persist with the omeprazole and have to say after 2 months my condition has vastly improved to the extent I have thrown the last bottle of gaviscon out.

    I have reduced to 20mg and will continue long term but my life is defiantly better.

    Good luck

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    • frederick68461 »Guest

      ms Jean  how many mg of omeprazole a day were u on at first before u seen vast improvement  before u could drop down to 20 mg & did u have to take gaviscon extra strength  and was it  teaspoon or tablespoon thru out the day or after each meal or before bedtime. Did u have to check your in take of acid reducing foods etc.. Thank u kindly

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  • Guest

    i have been on omeprazole for three years 20mg daily due to arthritis medication. The first time i took 1 within an hour i had pins and needles in my head, arms and legs followed by blurred vision and dizziness to the point of passing out. After that episode i rarely took them, only when i had really bad heartburn. 9 months ago my arthritis medication was increased and Dr told me i MUST take my omeprazole daily, within a 2 months i had daily bouts of pain at the top of my stomach and more dizzy spells. Dr assured me dizziness was down to my other medication and omeprazole was upped to 40mg to stop stomach discomfort. Since then dizziness to the point of fainting lasts up to three hours a day every day along with pins and needles, chest pain and severe full body tremors, severe pressure feeling at top of neck or base of skull and cant cope with noise. Was sent for ct and mri scans all came back clear :? Last week i discovered this forum and dicided to stop taking and the last 3 days have been brilliant :D until today when i took 1 to see wot would happen sad . Hopefully my 9 months of scans, visits to casualty and numerous Dr appointments is over.

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  • Indie

    Hi shaun31

    I am also getting body tremors especially during the night, its so bad that it wakes me up. Has your Dr confirmed this is due to Acid Reflux as my Dr is completely baffled!

    I have now stopped taking Omeprazole as they were not really doing anything and not impressed with all the side effects. I dont know if its wishfull thinking, but for the past week I have been drinking Cloudy Apple Juice throughout the day and I feel so much better. Would love to hear if anyone has tried this and the results.

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  • Guest

    Hi Indie, Dr seemed to think the tremours were due to other medication which he stopped, this made no improvement so i was sent for mri scan to see if the tremours were related to pressure feeling at the base of the skull, this came back clear. I have an appointment with Dr on tuesday and will question him over the omeprazole.

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  • Spindles

    I was given omeprazole a year or so ago and it did work after a few weeks but I started having it quite badly again. I have had an endoscopy which found polyps in my stomach and also the muscle at the top of the stomach was slightly open so it meant acid could come up. I was told to raise the end of my bed so my head was higher than my feet but I very rarely get heartburn at night. Lately, within a few minutes of getting up the heartburn starts. Some days are worse than others. I haven't been taking the omeprazole every day because I have read of the side effects and I don't see why taking something that causes those effects and doesn't work anyway is a bit pointless.

    I read a long time ago that vinegar will immediately stop the heartburn because, apparently it causes the muscle at the top of the stomach to close. The dose that was recommended was one tablespoon but I thought that I'd try a teaspoon first and it worked. I did try it a couple of times and it was miraculous but when I told the doctor her eyebrows went sky high! One thing I do know that also works and there is quite a lot of information about it is CHEWING GUM. Chew for at least 30 minutes and it will either cure the heartburn or stop it coming, all to do with creating more saliva which dilutes the acid. Doesn't work for everyone but worth a try and I have been using it for a long time and it's far more effective than the omeprazole.

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  • christina27

    I went to my gp because I was getting heartburn and indigestion every day and it was getting no better after taking gaviscon. I was prescribed omeprazole and found it wasnt working at all after taking it for a couple of weeks. My gp then prescribed ranitidine which I took for two weeks and found that wasnt working either. Another gp suggested I take both ranitidine and omeprazole which I found helped a bit - although it still hasnt worked completely. I'm now concerned that I have something seriously wrong as every day I have a pain in my chest, indigestion or some form of heartburn. Has anyone else had similar symptoms? and if so, what was the outcome?

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    • brenles »christina27

      Have you seen a gastroenterologist? The usual drill is to have a endoscopy, which will rule out if you have GERD, ulcers, etc.  What has your GP said about chest pain? How is your blood pressure?  Also, how do you deal with stress, and what are your eating habits? Good luck.  I've had your symptoms on and off for years. I've pretty much given up. 

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  • christina27

    Hi Indie,

    I'm going to have an endescopy on Friday to see if they can find out what it is. I was told by the hospital to stop taking the omeprazole two weeks before the endescopy which I have done. Although I'm dreading the endescopy, I'm looking forward to having it done to find out whats wrong.

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  • Spindles

    christina27, please don't worry about the endoscopy, I'm sure it won't be half as bad as you think it's going to be. I am a born worrier and when I knew I had to have one for my heartburn I was looking up messageboards and looking at videos of people having them which made me feel even worse. One woman said that she felt that she had been violated! I practised sticking my fingers as near to the back of my throat as I could so that I got used to the feeling and to help stop the gagging reflex. On the day I was remarkably calm, after having spent a horrendous night and it certainly helped that the doctor who did the endoscopy was calm and explained everything he was about to do and what he was doing. He sprayed some stuff on the back of my throat to numb it and it was horrible and turned out to be worse than the endoscopy! The room was fairly dark and I caught a glimpse of the light on the end of the endoscope and wondered how I would manage to swallow it but the doctor put it very slowly in and asked me to swallow which I did and it was down. Oh, by the way, I didn't have a sedative before because it would have meant having to hang around longer after. Anyway, the whole thing only took about five minutes and the doctor explained everything he was seeing and how far he had got then told me he would be slowly pulling it out and it was over. He was very impressed with how calm I had been and in fact said that I was a model patient and he could use me as a teaching aid, all that after me worrying myself to death the night before! He explained what he had found which were a few polyps in my stomach, something that they don't do anything about but will do if they are in the gut, also the muscle that keeps the stomach closed was partly open and he showed me on the screen. I was given a print out of his findings and told I could go home. I couldn't believe how much I had worried when there was no need.

    I'm sure you know that stress can cause all sorts of stomach problems and perhaps when you've had the endoscopy and you're told the results your heartburn will miraculously disappear! Good luck for Friday.

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  • christina27

    Spindles - thank you so much for your message. It has made me feel a whole lot better about the endescopy. I dont think I will be as brave as you and have the endescopy without sedation (although I'm worrying about being sedated too!).

    Thanks again - and I will let you know how I get on!

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  • binnie

    Hi Everybody, I'm also on Omeprazole 30mg and one day I think they are working then the next they aren't. I don't seem to have pain in the abdomen much but it's as though something is stuck in my throat near where an Adams apple would be and it feels horrible.

    I'm thinking of coming off them as they don't seem to be working and might persevere with some Apple Cider vinegar tablets which I've heard are good.

    Has anybody else taken any or the Licorice tablets as I have both.

    Funny you should mention the awful headaches at the back of the skull/head. I also get them and had them for about 6 weeks everyday and it felt like a vice clamping round my head. I'm wondering now if it is a side effect of taking the tablets.

    I'm having Bowen Therapy to see if that helps too.

    I haven't had the camera down as I'm terrible at gagging relexes and petrified. I can't even have X-rays at the dentist...

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  • christina27

    Hi Binnie, How long have you been taking Omeprazole for? I started taking Omeprazole about six months ago and I was the same as you at first. One day I felt better and thought they were working but the next day I feel unwell again and thought they were not doing anything at all.

    My GP then put me on omeprazole and ranitidine at the same time and finally after six months I have started feeling much better. I dont have the same symptoms as you though. I had indigestion, heartburn and pains across my chest. I did occasionally feel like I had something stuck in my throat but that seems to have gone away now.

    I had an endescopy done and was found to have a mild hiatus hernia and mild gastritis. Try and have an endescopy done - it is worth it. I was the same as you absolutely petrified at the thought of it but it took literally about five minutes and it was worth it to find out what was wrong.

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  • binnie

    Hi Christina., I have been taking Omeprazole for about 4 months now. Somedays I feel ok and sometimes the lump in my throat is still there.

    I have been taking one every other day and taking Apple Cider Vinegar tablets as I heard they were good for reflux, but I'm not sure if it's them which are making me worse. I also have the Licorice tablets which people recommend too so not short of meds, lol. I am having Bowen therapy which helped my headaches so now the therapist will work on my reflux in a few weeks so will let you know how I go on. I'm hoping it works and then I don't have to take any tablets.

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  • ninger

    i have been taking omeprazole for 2 weeks as the doc said i had acid reflux. All i can say is that i felt very ill on the omeprazole. I felt shaky inside, i felt as though i had goose bumps INSIDE my body. my eyes felt sore and itchy. i itched and had stinging sensations all over especially feet hands. i felt faint and worst of all- my heart felt like it was fluttering like butterflies all the time. i went back to the doc and he took me straight off them. trouble is- they were great for the reflux and ive now been put on zantac which is not very helpful at all? so now im wondering if that is that as far as help for reflux goes? or is there something else?

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  • Dazzamma

    I've been taking omeprazole for over two years. They worked a treat, but now been informed by my doctor I will have to be on them for life as my own acid via nature will no longer be effective. This has really peeved me off to be honest. I suggest very strongly to think of alternatives before taking omeprazole. Make this med your last resort people.


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  • ehrys

    I have been taking an alternative to Omeprazole that I find works much better. Pantaprazole. You can buy this over-counter (Licensed name is Pantaloc Control, it's quite expensive too...£12+ for 7 pills) but please consult your GP first (and don't take them at the same time as Omeprazole!!)

    I was taking Omeprazole for 3 months with no effect (at all, no side effects, nothing) and was switched to Pantaprazole. Two days after I started taking it my reflux disappeared. I still have to be careful with what I eat, it seems the balance is quite a fine line. But so long as I know what to avoid I no longer feel nauseous or in pain.

    I also take Ranitidine (Licensed as Zantac, but the "own brand" stuff seems to be just as good) when I eat something I shouldn't have and the symptoms appear but these don't tend to work as well nowadays.

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  • wind

    I have acid reflux brought on by myself. Before that, I could eat anything and any amount without any problems.

    At the end of May 2013, I had a cold and I was eating a lot of tomatoes, garlic, chocolates, and onions, gargling with alcohol, and drinking lemon juice everyday a few times a day. The cold went away, but I had scratchy throat and dry cough. Thinking that my cold was not completely gone, so I kept eating the above food every day because they all contain antioxidant and should help my cold.

    Not until the end of August, 3 months later, did I realize that those were acid reflux symptoms and I was making it worse with the above food. I then stopped eating all the offensive food and taking tums. I just finished a 14-day course of omeprazole (20 mg) without a prescription. But the symptoms come and go. The directions on the packaging said do not take it for more than 14-days or more than 4 months unless directed by a doctor. So I stopped.

    I have noticed that many of you took omeprazole much longer than 14 days. So it looks like it is safe to take it on a long term basis. But then why was it necessary for the manufacturer to put that warning on the label?

    I have had dizzying spells and feel nauseous lately. I had a dizzying episode today but I had stopped taking the omeprazole treatment yesterday. Could this still be attributed to omeprazole? What are some other side effects for long term use? I don't want to take apple cider vinegar. Other than Pantoprazole, can anyone suggest a good alternative to omeprazole?

    I feel the tightness and a little pain in my chest when I get up in the morning (and after I eat)although I have been sleeping on an inclined bed. I also feel some food sticking in my throat. I was thinking that since I brought on the acid reflux myself by eating all the food that aggravated the condition, it should go away once I stopped eating the offensive food. But that has not been the case. I have been eating oatmeal, porridge, fish and tofu for the past 6 weeks. But I still have the problem. Eat some well-cooked collard green the other day and it make the condition worse. I need some advice as to what food to avoid and what food is safe from your experience.

    I have read that if left untreated, it could cause cancer of the esophagus. So I have had this condition for 4 months now and 3 of of those without treatment. Followed by Omeprazole tums it has not gone away. Now I wonder if I am at risk for having cancer of the esophagus. Does anyone know how long it takes to develop the cancer?

    In my case, I brought the condition on by myself. In other cases, why would a healthy human being suddenly develop this condition?

    I would appreciate any insights from anyone.

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