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I was very happy to find that common table salt in a war...

I was very happy to find that common table salt in a warm bath cured my Scabies. After soaking for 15 minutes, get out of the bath and drip dry. Do not use a towel, but if you must, just pat dry with kitchen towels as they are more hygenic.If needed, repeat after 4 days.

I feel this treatment should be made public, as it is free of harmful poisons associated with common cures prescribed by the physician.

The salt will get into the mite holes to kill the eggs, and also kill the mites on the surface almost instantly.

This is something all families have readily available in the kitchen, and is very simple to use.

Make sure all bedding is washed in at least 50 degrees, and clothing is changed and washed as hot as possible.

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    Unless it is a scientific fact that salt water kills scabies mites, i would be very weary of trying this. salt water CAN clean scratches, but in the long run it will dry out skin too much. i know my skin is very dry and sensitive after my malathion treatment which i have had to repeat as it didnt work the first time. yes it would be great if this works!

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    I initially thought I had flea bites, and so took a warm bath in salt water and covered myself and fresh bedding in olbas oil and tiger balm. However on further investigation and research, it is almost certain that I had scabies - after the above treatment the relief was immediate and dramatic. All blotches, redness and itching disappeared totally in 24 hours, so something clearly worked

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  • Guest

    Thanks for the clues on salt. Just think if you lived by a salt water beach: you'd be healthy all the time. Here is something that enters the exoskeleton of the scabies and dries them out: It's human grade diatomaceous earth and is used in food and water to kill intestinal parasites. All it is is a bunch of crushed up sea shells found at the bottom of the ocean. It's dynamite!

    \&quot;This powder has an abrasive feel, similar to pumice powder, and is very light, due to its high porosity. The typical chemical composition of diatomaceous earth is 86% silica, 5% sodium, 3% magnesium and 2% iron.

    Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. It is used as a filtration aid, as a mild abrasive, as a mechanical insecticide, as an absorbent for liquids, as cat litter, as an activator in blood clotting studies, and as a component of dynamite. As it is also heat-resistant, it can be used as a thermal insulator.\&quot;

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    Hi, I've had scabies before and I don't agree with the salt water theory. I live next to the sea and am a regular swimmer / beach goer. I caught scabies around May this year and had to treat them with cream. They came back despite following all the instructions. I was swimming 2 - 3 times a week in the sea around this time (for about an hour each time). I finally got rid of them with Derbac M liquid.

    If you do have scabies use the correct medication!

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    After trying everything to include all the presciption meds I went to table salt. I soaked and did a salt scrub after the bath on the existing bites. The itching stopped immediately and the holes began healing up quickly. I actually did it every day for a week. It does not ruin your skin like so many other things like tea tree oil. I asked a dermotologist if table salt would hurt my skin and he said no, in fact table salt has nutrients in it since we ingest it daily in just about every food we eat. He also said scabies survive off the fluids under our skin therefore salt dries out the scabies causing them to die immediately.

    I also put table salt in my body lotion for a few days and inside my shoes.

    I am now totally healed up after months of misery.

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  • jAs1979

    I have tried everything 5% Permethrin, 45% permethrin, ivermectin,Off, 100% deet, salt water baths for a month, bleach in my bath, Alcohol, Peroxide, ACV in my bath with lots of salt after scratching myself all over with a coarse green scrubby, Neem, tea tree, oregano oil for two months. All while I was ironing my clothe on very hot right after I took them off! Nothing worked. I live near the beach and i took a green scrubby and scratched all over while I was in the ocean and stayed in the water for 2 hours everyday for a week and when you get out don't shower til the morning but use anti-bacterial ointment on any open wounds because the ocean holds millions of bacteria! the first night I finally had itchless night! a week later I don't itch at all I'm going to continue this for another couple of weeks until I know they are not in my house! But I literally iron everything I can! My bed, sheets, covers, couch! I use to boil water before I washed them but this is the same concept! Good luck to all who have these creatures I am now sleeping at night after 2 years of scratching!

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  • jAs1979

    The thing with scabies is everyones skin is different! some peoples skin dries out quick, some people skin is hard to dry out! Some peoples skin can absorb different chemicals faster, but I don't think my skin dries out fast or absorbs that well, but like i said I used a scrubby everyday in the ocean and zang it's gone so far!

    Diatomaceous earth is good for things on the outside of your body but doesn't kill eggs or kill the bugs inside your skin unless you drink or eat it but then it takes forever! and yes I tried this! Also tried lindane lotions and got no results!

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  • I killed em

    Salt does work!!!! I rubbed salt all over me, except for my upper back which I could not reach. I left it on for 10 minutes, I have 1 itch on my arm, the rest is on my upper back... now I'm getting my boyfriend to rub it all over my upper back and I will do it full body again, I might go a head and do it for 15 minutes just to be sure. My guess is you have tried all the oil and perscriptions already, lord knows I have.. But the salt really really works, just try it.

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  • agreval

    I know the topic is about the effectiveness about the salt against scabies... but i couldn't hold my self to post this... i have tried a lot of ways and methods... (this with salt im gonna try it.... i hope it work) , but the only one that seems to work is HOT water... in my case... try in one spot that you have... use the hot water and slowly raise the hot water up, up to you can hold... this kills the mites.

    I know it may sound crazy... but just after you do it... the itches goes away. Then if there is some remain... do it next day... you'll see is gone.

    Now.. everybody is different... but you dont lose nothing to try it... and for me... i would do anything to get fhe itche away.

    Im gonna try the salt water and i let you know how it goes with me. Thanks to everybody for the feedbacks to the original post.

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  • justiris

    I've tried Nix Shampoo, Nix Cream for scabies, tea, Nem, Eucolypsis oils, Ecosmart Home control Herbal spray for bed bugs, bed bug spray, bed bug dust, earth (seashell flour),alcohol sprays, flea sprays, turpintine & kerosene. Everything is in plastic including the couch. A tenant 2 doors down had her apt sprayed for bedbugs & I helped her put a bedbug cover on her mattress six hours after the Pesticide company with dust & spray followed by the herbal and earth. 2 separate co sprayings & she still has bites and had placed things out into the hallway. Is it possible for scabies to dig a hole & bedbugs take lodging...2 cell mates together? I think so. Day ?13, rubbed Colgate Total which may contain wintergreen or menth (cold)...the left arm showed white deposits collecting on the sores, the rite arm rec'd Cinnamen Blast Close-Up toothpaste (heat) and wrapped the arms up in toiletpaper and went shopping. The mint/wintergreen was VERY soothing & the skin tone looked good. The Cinnamen blast skin was more shiny & irritable but not necessarily ineffective. The white deposits showed up on the sores and the scratches turned white as the deposits capped. Day 14, took the salt bath with baking powder and clorine and upped the clorine for two hours. The mites showed up on the skin about half an hour later. Which means that they can live under those trapped doors for a long period. The olive oil treatment in Day 13 produced a lot of mites by rubbing in circles. They don't like oven spray & pop up but the spray dabbed on a hanky gave me burns and don't try it. Raid for Ants (red bottle) was quite effective for sleeping undisturbed and the oil dried onto my pj's which ripped off like a wax. So, wax may be the next thing and a rub down with plaster as it contains a lye and let it dry to cut off oxygen and let it sit for 3 - 4 hrs. Hopefully by then I will get the okay for the pesticide company. Tommorrow while my husband is doing the God thing, the couch goes.

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  • dagon53454

    500g of sea salt

    hot bath-add some boiling water from your kettle

    20 minutes

    vacuum your room

    bin what you can't wash a 60 deg.

    Monsters are gone.

    Doctors(all 3) failed to help me for a year. Doctors no good in case of the critters.

    End of story.

    No reply.

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  • dawn23478

    Found some great OTC and home remedies...

    I came across this discussion while searching for answers to my outbreak. I searched for 2 days because my symptoms weren't as severe as those who had scabies but I thought I had some type of mites in my skin. Turns out I had hives, a minor 24hr outbreak due to my body's allergic reaction to the combination of cold medicine, 2mosquito bites and an herbal tea blend that included eucalyptus oil (I can't do plant based products). I'm healed but had you guys in my prayers and on my mind, couldn't leave you hanging...

    Info on this site was very helpful but to simplify, I'd like to combine the most helpful info into one post:

    I am not a patient or health professional...just someone who,wants to help

    First do all the research you can online and see a doctor. If they don't seem to understand get a 2nd opinion. You have no time to be misinformed

    Avoid physical contact with people or pets, scabies is contagious. A guy posted that he got it from a communal jumpsuit while skydiving

    Warm baths in 500g (2cups) of table salt. Dermatologists say chlorine bleach is poisonous and harmful to the skin. Derms say it will flush out the eggs and body parts. Do not apply the bleach directly to,your skin. One guy said he now has floaters in his vision from taking bleach baths. Epsom salt or baking soda works same way

    Salt may dry your skin. I found a new blend of Shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E and essential lavender oil (purifying) on the shelf at my local beauty supply store. Peppermint oil has the same property and can be a substitute for lavender

    Calamine lotion is great for anti-itch..bug bites, poison, ivy, etc. I've the counter at pharmacy/drug store. It comes in pink or white and dries fast. Great for measles and chicken pox too

    Wash clothes in at least 60% water. Wear plastic gloves to load the washer, discard them and out on a clean pair to take them out and to unload the dryer. A box of 50 latex gloves is around 4USD. One guy wore plastic gloves to,drive his car

    They hate peppermint oil...use aromatherapy in a diffuser. Soak cotton balls with the oil and put in in the bag with your washed clothing. Place in your car and around your bed

    Use peppermint soap...Shea butter soap w/peppermint oil, crushed bits of almond and baking soda. The almonds are smaller than mustard seeds

    Olive oil is great for healing scars and burns. Kiss my face makes pure olive oil soap and lotions

    Eat at least 2 cloves of garlic per day. Dice them and sauté with diced tomatoes & basil in olive oil. Place on toast and enjoy...this is bruschetta.garlic & the lycopene in tomatoes build immunity

    Take lots of vitamin C and B

    Avoid sweets, they weaken immunity

    Avoid iron, bacteria feeds on it and your body hides it when it's attacked. Don't overwork it's ability to store the iron

    I pray for your strength and can get through this!

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