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Hiatus Hernia and Palpitations

I have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia but have had lots of problems with palpitations recently, i also sometimes get a cold shivery feeling some nights as if i am going down with flu, i have suffered from really bad acidity over the last 10 years, i have had three endoscopy's and it was on the last one that i was diagnosed with a hernia, i also get bad chest pain along the sternum and a bad pain where my ribs meet in the middle, it's so depressing, does anybody else suffer from palpitations etc?

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  • Guest


    Yes I suffer these symptoms too, I also get very breathless especially when I bend over or climb stairs and also feel quite faint and dizzy during a bad attack.

    My stomach is also badly swollen, so much that it looks like I am pregnant.

    Good luck

    You have my every sympathy its so awful.

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    • 89DukeNukem »Guest

      have you had any luck I myself and strugling to diagnose myself I have chest/heart pains huge belly(im very slim btw) and i urinate less but mostly stomach pain and swelling so bad that I find my self going crazy becuase the doctors have not even scanned it just poked it and said its ok

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  • Guest

    I too have a hiatus hernia. Three weeks ago I started this pain/pressure up and down on my sternum., and the gas I was belching was incredible. I went to the ER, and they did an ekg and said that something was not right so I was referred to a cardiologist. Also my blood pressure in emerg was sky high. They started me on blood pressure pills and 81mg aspirin.

    My visit to the cardiologist showed on the stress test that my target heart rate was reached to quickly and again the ekg showed something.I am now going back for a halter, and eco, and a stress myoview.

    But a few days ago I had that same thing happen to me. I was cleaning off the side of the house and got so hot, so I had a Coke. Well that set things off again. I tried eno, then sone ginger ale, the a tylenol.

    It's really freaking me out, because I am having all of these symptoms along with menopausal crap which is reall interferring with my life.

    This creates anxiety symptoms, so I don't really know what cothers me

    I want to blame most of it on the hiatus hernia especially the chest discomfort. It does not seem to matter what I eat it bothers me. I do not get heart burn, but my lips burn...weird.

    This pain in my sternum was like a you get this?

    Take care

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  • Guest

    i need help im so fustrated its untrue have severe pain all the time right rib cage and feel like ive got a lump in my throat everynight it drives me crazy had barium swallow and endoscoppy found small hitas hernia all medication ive been given does nothing at all everything i eat or drink causes me pain ive had it 2 and a half yrs now i think i need an opp

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  • Radley

    Hi, yes I suffer these symptons too. I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia in 2008 and was given tabs to reduce the acid. I had side effects from using Lansaprozal - constant headache/blurred vision and Ozeprazol- bad stomach cramps etc (not sure if these are spelt correctly!).

    I was then put on Ranitidine, 1 at night. I felt I was wishing the eve away so I could take my next tablet due to the acid burning. I am now on Ranitidine, but take 150mg in morn and 1 at night. I have recently had bad nausea with it. My GP suggested I take Gaviscon Advance together with Ranitidine to help ease the nausea.

    I have suffered with palpitations since 1996, but do find I get them more often now prob due to the hernia or medication. I had a food intolerence test done last year - they suggested I take Aloe Vera x 2 whole leaf double concentrate. You find it on web under Cytoplan Ltd. Its £20 a bottle,taste disgusting, but soothes your stomach!! Worth trying!! Good luck smile

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  • Guest

    I was diagnosed with a Hiatus hernia and Barretts disease this week after i was sent for an endoscope.I have suffered for years with heartburn and palpitations,i was on ranitadine for a long time but they stopped working for me.I am now on Omeprazole which keep the heartburn at bay but not the pain and palpitations.

    You have my sympathy.

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  • Gemini

    I to have a hiatus hernia and Barrett's and I am on Omeprazole. I have never been aware of acid reflux only on odd occasions but do have the chest pain. I had my gallbladder out 4 weeks ago as they found loads of stones and the gallbladder had thickened. I was told I would feel much better. (I had lost 3½ stones and was unable to eat). Alas the chest pain is back even though I am still on a low fat diet and I don't feel as good as I had hoped. Having my check up tonight after op so hopefully someone can tell me what to do next. I look about 90 and it is so depressing. At least when I was so overweight I didn't look my age! (62)

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  • Guest

    I was diagnosed with an hh 10 years ago and since then it's been kept in check with esomeprazole 20mg. Had another endo. done in December with seemingly nothing worse to report but over the last 6-8 weeks things have got a lot worse especially with palpitations and skipped heart beats. I'm now off work and so freaked by it that Im on paroxetine for anxiety and something else to calm me down. Specialist moved me up to 80 mg of esomprazole for a week but it's doing nothing. It's now affected my mental state so badly that I've started to suffer from depression. Had a CT scan of my chest done on Thursday and seeing him with the results on Wednesday this week where I'm going to ask him about surgery as I believe that the hernia is responsible for these cardiac arrhythmias that scare me to bits.

    Anybody else experienced these frightening symptoms as at the moment I can't see how I'm going to return to work again...

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    • Loretta50 »Guest

      I just wanted to know how everything is going for you now...since this posted 4 years ago? I am suffering currently from the same diagnosis and on the same medication you have listed in your article. I have become depressed and feel like I am going to die soon because of these attacks with palpations so bad that the EMT's are getting called on a regular basis to my house. I am also suffering with menopause as well and turning 50 this august. Let me know how you got relief, if any?



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    • ssmith88 »Guest

      I understand entirely! I am in exactly the same situation however just waiting to see the cardiologist! I take lanzoprasole and have paroxatine for anxiety. It is so terrifying when the palputations occur, I've had 7 day ecg monitor to which ectopics were recorded without arythmia which is reassuring.

      I asked my gp's opinion on hiatus hernia and palpitations being linked and was told it's highly unlikely however that's the same surgery that dismissed a family members brain harmorhage down to a migraine!

      Hang in there as we can all get through this together.

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  • michelle682 »crazymama

    i have had a stomach hernia for some years but have not treated it ...sometimes i take just rennies, other times take omneprazole for a few weeks.. but in last months my stomach has become more swollen ,and suddenly my blood pressure has increased to a fairly high level.. im trying natural methods to lower it ,im too young to go on heart medication,, still in my 40s... but am so so worried

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    • lizzieozkiwi »michelle682

      michelle682, I went on blood pressure medication when I was 40, the hot flushes started at the same time. I used to worry about being on BP medication, but realistically it's a lot better to be on that and have your BP regulated than letting it go, because it's untreated BP which is not good later on. So don't be afraid if your doctor wants you to start this. You didn't mention if you had palpitations, however I have a small sliding hiatus hernia and it's comforting to read others posts indicating that the HH can cause these along with swollen tummy. Make sure you get thoroughly checked out by your doctor before you try fixing your symptons yourself. If you find everything is normal and you don't have any health problems, then it's a good thing to try changing perhaps your diet and lifestyle. It seems to me that a lot of these symptons are caused by anxiety and we can all get this occasionally when life becomes difficult to cope with, but we do get through it and I'm thankful for the support of sites like this, we realise we are not alone. Lizzieozkiwi

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  • brent67338 »crazymama

    I was recently diagnosed with a small hernia and 2 small ulcers. Can someone please put my mind at ease about these heavy heart beats. my heart doesnt beat quickly, it just beats hard and i can feel it in my chest when just sitting down. sometimes i feel it pulse in my neck, arm or ear.

    and sometimes this heavy heart beat seems to efect my breathing. while breathin in and out every heart beat seems to pause the breathing.

    other symptoms i am not sure about are fatigue, weakness, headaches

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