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Exercises and person cured from cervical spondylosis

what are the exercises to avoid in a fitness center for a person cured from cervical spondylosis?

I had a problem of cervical spondylosis which was cured one year ago. I wish to join a fitness centre to improve my physical condition. What are the exercises that I avoid in a fitness center. Shall I work with low weights?

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  • chris215a

    i read this statement with great surprise :shock: if you had been diagnosed as having cs, and as others have said it is degenerative. you couldnt have had a true diagnosis of cs. there is no cure only the very great chance that it will get worse not better.

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  • Guest

    Cured eh!

    All I have read, what my GP and consultant have said to me make me very very sceptical about any wonder cure for CS. As others have stated it must of been a completely wrong diagnosis if the condition, you allegedly had, was CS.

    As far as I am aware there is no cure, just the hope that you get better days than others and that the condition will deteriorate slowly. For a person who has been cured of this terrible, pain causing, life changing condition you have not said anything about how this was achieved!

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm? :o :o :o :o

    As open minded as I am we all need evidence?

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  • Gerry the neck

    Calm down everone! I'm sure it's just a typing error. Delete \&quot;cured from\&quot; and insert \&quot;incorrectly diagnosed with\&quot;. But, if the poser (sorry, delete and insert poster) wishes to enlighten us further....we're all ears.

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  • Sandy V

    [quote:1aa7027320=\"Vinod \"]what are the exercises to avoid in a fitness center for a person cured from cervical spondylosis?

    I had a problem of cervical spondylosis which was cured one year ago. I wish to join a fitness centre to improve my physical condition. What are the exercises that I avoid in a fitness center. Shall I work with low weights?[/quote:1aa7027320]

    Hi ya, as members below, please can you tell me how you were cured. I was diagnosed with the condition 2 years ago after 6 months of pain and no one knowing what it was. CS is degenerative and my pains are worse and have the condition in lower back and coccyx. So please, if you have been cured, please let us know cos I would love to be cured. I'm on 42 tablets a day and they aren't working. Are you sure you had CS?

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  • Guest

    why does everyone here have to assume the person is making it up, its not like they have announced they can mind read or cure cancer, lighten up, ive just been told by my doctor i have it, my father sufferd with the same for over 15 years until he was operated on by removing a vertebrae from his neck and repairing another by rebuilding it with bone from another part of his body, his pain has gone but the nerve damage still causes numbness in his hand, maybe this is what the person is calling a cure, or maybe im talking shite and like taking painkillers and anti inflammatory drugs, maybe your doctors can answer your questions and someone could advise this person how to work out at the gym without getting hurt. have a nice day

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  • nothing to worry about

    my goodness, Tomato, I think YOU need to lighten up too! :roll:

    I would be really interested to have further information from Vinod about how he has been relieved of his CS. Either by surgery etc. But, like him, I'd also be interested to know what exercises I can undertake. I have the ones that I was given by physio, but they're designed to keep my neck mobile, not for keeping fit in general. I can't swim any more as it plays havoc with my neck. I can't go to the gym as it plays havoc with my hands, arms and neck, even on the cycling machines, and I'm starting to struggle walking for any length of time as my legs ache, therefore running is out of the equation too. I'm currently having to take sick leave from work because just sitting at a desk working on a computer wears me out. I'm even spending less and less time on it at home, and reading is uncomfortable because holding a book can be painful. Any hints would be appreciated.

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  • Gerry the neck


    I think the reason that the original poster got such a bad reaction was because he/she insulted the intelligence and the experiences of many who use this site. C/S is a degenerative condition. It can't be 'cured'. Even surgical intervention doesn't 'cure' the condition. It can delay or ease the symptoms, but unfortunately, the degeneration continues regardless. The poster may have chosen their words unwisely but then having got such an outraged response , it might have been wise to recognise that fact publicly and not simply disappear from view. WE don't mind a bit of optimism here but unaccredited claims of being 'cured' are unacceptable...obviously. It doesn't strike me as strange that the poster never returned to offer details of the 'cure' as many others requested. There needs to be a balance between making over optimistic statements and the known experiences of regular visitors, and anything out of the ordinary does need explaining.

    Just ocassionally, outrage is justified.


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  • Gerry the neck

    Hi again

    You've got me doing a bit of constructive reflection on this one !

    Firstly, despite the fact that I'm a compulsive poster, I really do appreciate your comments because they raise the issue of whether we allow a negative mindset to dominate our thoughts, and I think it's good to be challenged on this level. Under normal circumstances, everyone is expected to remain upbeat about difficult situations. We all know that its unproductive to hold on to a negative mindset and how that would affect the general mood of everyone we encounter. A counter reaction is only to be expected. That's the balancing equation......A no-hope depressing attitude deserves a sharp rebuttal. Totally acceptable and it also helps to focus the issue on why that negative mindset becomes dominant in the first place. And why, knowing that it is socially unacceptable, do C/S sufferers seem to allow it to dominate their overview of themselves.

    Tricky issues indeed, but issues not to be ignored nonetheless. So, thanks for raising it. Unlike the first poster who was 'miraculously' 'cured', you at least have raised a question which should be commented on sensibly. I, personally, love this stuff and all the underlying denials and webs of intrigue which we use to justify our attitudes. There's no doubt that people with C/S inevitably drift into a negative mindset, despite any attempts to talk it up. As an onlooker, and someone who has had close experience of the C/S condition, you have spotted this problem. And, as a regular poster here, myself, I admit it ! So, where do we go from here ?

    The big question is this \&quot; Is it justifiable to portray your situation negatively ?\&quot;. Surely that's bound to put readers off. Even I would say no, its not justifiable, because it contradicts what general society expects....stay upbeat at all costs ! Perhaps the nature of the C/S condition, with all its ever repeating symptoms, for most sufferers, gradually wears down our optimism and we can only communicate satisfactorally with what's left. That sounds more like it to me, but it also says that perhaps a greater effort, to balance the negativity, should be made.

    Thats fine, we all (almost all) try to do this. There is one difficult hurdle, however, and that is that we don't want to understate, or 'lighten up', the difficulties we encounter because, behind it all, we are searching for new ways to deal with them on a practical level. We don't want to pretend that everythings 'ok' because that would devalue our desire for improvement. Make sense ?

    Obviously, its finding a balance that matters here. Once again I have to say that having the issue raised by an 'outsider' is very welcome and I hope that other posters will join in and have their say. It is important that we don't get stuck in a downward spiral of describing ever increasing symptoms to each other, and endlessly milking the sympathies of our fellow sufferers. There's only so much to go round !

    Maybe, you've unsuspectingly opened a big can of worms !


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  • Gerry the neck

    Just to add a little to the last posting. I think anyone who has C/S will eventually arrive, after much disillusion and frustration, at a psychological crossroads. A decision must be made to either carry on as a disappointed victim, relying on the generally unproved treatments on offer, or to try and gain some self control over a downwardly spiralling situation and hopefully develop a programme of self management which better suits our mindset. One choice needn't necessarilly exclude the other. They're interchangeable.

    I have memories of how hopeless I felt before realising I had a choice in how I tackled my C/S, so I can sympathise with those in a similar position. It was a desperate, vulnerable, situation, and the only way forward seemed to be at the mercy of professional advice, which I wasn't sure I trusted anyway. I couldn't see that I was ignoring, maybe purposefully, one huge element, and that was that I had a choice to decide how to treat myself. Once realised, my attitude towards my C/S changed gradually, and now I feel more like an 'onlooker' than a 'victim'. I still get the symptoms, but it's like I'm studying them from a distance, rather than allowing them to dominate my feelings negatively.

    I hope this doesn't all sound too patronising. I'm not going to produce a leaflet saying you can conquer your C/S physcologically. There's no escaping the fact that it's a chronic physical condition with a tendency to create a negative mindset. How we allow these two elements to intermingle is another matter.


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