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Domperidone side effects

Hi guys,

I'm 23 and suffer from sphincter of oddi. I've had Botox, 2 sphincterotomies and a sphincteroplasty. These haven't been effective so I've been put on domperidone and sucralfate. I started taking them on 25 oct. I take 30mg domperidone a day (3x10mg) and 4mg of sucralfate a day (4x1mg). I noticed two days ago I am producing milk. Aside from the above condition I am healthy. I'm on two forms of contraception so I'm not pregnant. My mum has a pertuitry tumour and suffers high prolactin levels. Has anyone else had similar side effects? Should I notify my gp as I have a family history of high prolactin? It says that domperidone has a RARE side effect of high prolactin levels and unusual milk production....

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  • Tarun

    Domperidone is generally thought to cause this side effect much less often than metoclopramide which works very similarly. Although it's rare I don't think it's impossible - I think it's best to discuss this with your GP.

    Tarun (hospital pharmacist)

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