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Uterine Fibroids

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  • michelle76220 2

    Coil Removal

    Hi all.  Not been posting but keeping an eye on all the posts.  Have a date for my UAE procedure- 10/11/15.  I had to have my Mirena coil removed which I did last Tuesday.  Since then have been bleeding a bit - which I was expecting- but this seems to be a bit mucusy.  When I last saw gyno. he

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  • e48717 2

    Intolerance to BC Hormones

    After suffering for some months, I saw a private consultant last night. She asked me what brought on my symptoms and I told her that after the GP put me on the mini-pill I bled for 6 weeks (and took myself off them). I then had the Depo injection and have bleed for 3 weeks. As I've recently had a

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  • mdybyqt78 1

    bleeding fibroid

    On Dec 2, I had an issue with bleeding, I have not menstrated since June 2013 due to having the ballooning done ( burning of the uterus wall ) I recently wet for and ultra sound to find out why I was bleeding which also involved headaches, fevers and extremely bloating that in one day I went up 2

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