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  • amanda00 1

    Fibroids and TENS unit

    Hello all!  I'm new to this forum and still adjusting to how to do this and that! Brief history of me: I recently had a myomectomy a few months back to remove 2 large fibroids and just recently found out that I have another one... here's  my question,  has anyone ever tried a TENS...

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  • PY2014 2

    All Natural!

    I would like to hear from anyone who has managed to shrink their fibroids naturally maybe through a change in diet, from taking herbal remedies etc..I have stopped eating dairy and red meat and have increased fibre intake particularly cruiciferous and green leafy vegetables and pulses so Im going to...

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  • Elcee62 1

    Calcified fibroids and menopause

    I have been having lower abdominal//pelvic pain for 6 months or so and a recent ultrasound reported  "a deeply retrofkexed uterus enlarged by multiple calcified fibroids which overshadow most of the uterine body and endometrium". I had UAE about 4 years ago, and now at 51 know calcification...

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