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  • tom15753

    Tendon surgery, fit note renewal

    Hello everyone Just a quick question about a fit note, I severed a tendon in my hand and had surgery to repair it about 5 weeks ago, I have now started physio to get proper movement back. I was first given a fit note by the surgeon for six weeks expecting to be able to return to work after this period...

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  • janet08386
  • bhanu55941
  • jack6221

    Help injured Achilles' tendon

    Hi I'm 15 and on Wednesday night I was playing foot ball and my foot tired inwards and I fell on it I expected to have sprained my ankle but I haven't it's a pain in my Achilles' tendon when pointing my foot forward or in towards my right foot I can jog on it put at anytime it just gose...

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  • Kezisawinner
  • Ploddingon
  • jen2705
  • Guest


    I have never felt something as bad as this. I couldn't even put my feet on any surface let alone put pressure on it. It is like being stabbed in the ankle and having a knife twisted before acid is thrown in the mix as well. Suddenly came on and suddenly disappeared over the course of about 4 days....

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  • thomas 26431
  • danny25168
  • heyjon816
  • sooty64
  • darrin

    Newby complete ATR

    I have just had a complete rupture of my AT. I have been to hospital and knew immediately what the problem was. Fortunately the emergency doctor referred me to a sports injury surgeon who happened to be there! So he gave me the options of op or non op recovery and advised the benefits of both but...

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  • amanda3
  • osborne
  • andrew13

    Achilles Rupture

    Hi I am just wondering if somebody can give me some advice. Three days ago I damaged my achillies playing badminton. I went to push off my left ankle and felt like my ankle had been shot. I did not here a snapping noise but that could have been because it was a noisy hall. After five minutes of...

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  • Elizabeth1976

    Achillies tendon rupture

    I had a complete achillies tendon rupture on 4th March while playing badminton. 5 weeks post surgery still in fibre glass cast, foot been positioned three times and now in neutral for a further 3 weeks. Recovery seems a long way off, any advice from people who have had the same thing would be greatly...

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  • Devoidx

    Achilles Pain

    Last July (2011) I went on holiday to Greece. Early on I caught the back of my left ankle on a wooden deckchair - about 20mm from the base of my heel. There was a lot of initial pain but after an hour or so that subsided and then it just felt a little bruised for the next week. Then in September I decided...

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  • cheekycharlie

    pls help

    Hi guys and gals im having my op 13sep2011. My tendon is killing me and i cannot wait for my op,pls can someone help me what to expect after my op the pain and what sort of cast i will be in and how long i will be in hospital for. Also the arch of my foot is absoultley throbbing me and yes its same leg...

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  • Guest

    You guessed it- ATR

    Snapped mine playing basketball last week, having read various entries on this forum I'm feeling like the lucky one. Was 100% rupture but I was put in cast immediately and had op. 4 days later. In cast now for another 6 weeks before any raised cast /boots. Hope to god I can run and cycle again....

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  • Guest

    Achilles Tendonitis

    I have Achilles Tendonitis in both heels, my left heel has a swelling on the Tendon. This has been caused by work boots pressing against the Tendons over a period of months. At first the pain was minimal and nothing was done about it but, over the past couple of months it has become so painful that i...

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  • davymole
  • Guest
  • Guest

    full rupture22/12/09, rerupture 15/01/10..gutted

    ruptured my AT on the 22/12/09 opted not to have surgery and spent 3 weeks in half cast in equine postion,i returned to have my cast changed and foot re-postioned and my tendon snapped again!!. so had to have an operation,and was in a full leg cast for 2 weeks. when i returned to get my stiches out they...

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  • Guest

    Ruptured Achilles Tendon

    I ruptured my achilled tendon 5 weeks ago. I was advised not to have it opratied on. I have been in plaster since I did it. The casthas been put on so my foot is pointing down. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that its going to heel ok. I have read all the stories about re-ruptures so i'm...

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  • Guest

    tendonitus achillies

    had been limping on and off with pain a few weeks now but tuesday really bad told i had tendonitus by doctor given tablets to take but today picking my children up from school my leg just went the pain was like nothing i had felt before close to tears not good in middle of street havebeen told if no...

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  • dellar55


    I have had RSI diagnosed in both my wrists caused by excessive key pad and mouse work. This is my second bout of the illness and I am waiting to see a Hand Therapist. I had a steroid injection in my right wrist which helped for a short period but as soon as I returned to work and doing computer activities...

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  • Guest


    I have suffered with radial styloid tenosynovitis for six months after the birth of my first child. I tried to limit movement with wrist splints and support bandages and was prescribed diclofenac. I am now in a plaster cast limiting movement and on 75g diclofenac sodium. I cannot tell you the relief...

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  • Guest
  • Guest

    de quervains tenosynovitis

    Hi I experienced de quervains tenosynovitis in the right wrist in 2000 work related mouse injury, suffered ever since, have tried the following: brace imobilisation which left me with a digital nerve neuro praxia for 3 months 3 lots of physio, very painful on the back including cups 1 lot of ultra...

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  • Guest

    steroid injection?

    Does anyone who's had a steroid injection for tendonitis etc know how local the area it covers is? My pain is at several different points around my elbow and wrists so would that mean I'd need several injections? If that's even possible.

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  • Guest

    De Quervain tenosynovitis

    Suffered this condition myself, had terrible pain and mild swelling worst in the mornings. my gp first diagnosed it and prescribed anti-inflamatories, which didnt help. had declofenac later which didnt help either. ultimately given steroid injection (inside the tendon)which did a magic and i recovered...

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  • Kate of Putney

    De Quervains tenosinovitis

    I spent the last weekend pruning overgrown shrubs in my garden with a pair of secateurs. Since then I have experienced intense pain in the area from my wrist to my lower thumb which I am assuming is tendonitis. The pain is an intense ache with occasional shooting pains as if I was experiencing an electric...

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  • Guest

    100% rupture

    Ruptured my right tendon in March 2008 - 68 years old - specialist recommended conservative treatment - 7 weeks in cast. Fine - but physio after gave me dreadful lower back pain - cost me £500 to get fixed by local Osteopath. Recommend DO NOT HAVE Physio afterwards!! Now tendonitis has recently...

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  • Guest

    Tendonitis in wrist

    I am a 60yr old lady who travelled around Downunder pulling a heavy suitcase around airports and hotels. Halfway through my trip a pain began in my forearm which I ignored. It got somewhat worse. I still ignored it. Two weeks after I returned to the U.K. the pain became apparent in my wrist until one...

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