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  • rogersmith 1

    Semen leaves after i pee

    Hi everyone, i am a 24 years old man, i've noticed that when 5-6 days pass whithout me masterbaiting i get this problem, usually i get little erection, or morning woods and i feel like playing a little, or lets say i saw stuff and got erection, if i fought it and didn't do it, i end up losing...

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  • jj12 1

    Bulb / Knot in perineum

    Hi everyone! I am a 30 year old male and i have noticed a hard ball type knot deep in the perineum area, Kind of a fraction up from the anus. It does feel like its at the end of the urethra. It's not sticking out or anything. In fact you have to press the area quite firmly to feel it. It feels...

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  • kima 1

    Prostate Tumour

    have just had a TURP for prostate enlargement_at the post op meeting was told that I had a tumour in my prostate gland. Really wish I had had my prostate removed in the first place. not confident that a 3 monthly PSA test over 12 months and then a prostate biopsy in about 15 months is best practice-its...

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