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  • davetubb

    Prostatitis and Kratom

    Kratom is legal in the U.S. where I live and widely available online from dozens of online retailers. Kratom has been very effective with my prostatitis pain, Kratom hits the same mu-opiod receptors as morphine but it's not an opiate, hence, the effective pain relieving properties. So until one...

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  • davetubb

    Prostatitis and Gout

    I had been diagnosed with gout about 2002 but watched my diet, took meds. I then developed prostate pain about 2007 and have had it ever since. I never connected the 2 conditions before but apparently there is a nonbacterial kind of prostatitis related to having gout and excess of uric acid in your system....

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  • paul2228
  • JJim
  • A_Brown

    Chronic Prostatitis?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Prostatitis around 2 months ago after an examination in my back passage, I have had urine tests and blood tests and have all come back clear so I can only assume that it is the non bacterial form that I have, I have been on antibiotics for around 7 weeks which seem to have no...

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  • adam84525

    Prostate problems?

    Hi I'm a 26 year old male and around 2 weeks ago I started getting mild pains in my groin area. The doctor examined me and said everything seems fine. Since then I have developed problems urinating ie going more often (a lot more often) and never feeling like I have fully emptied. I have had urine...

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  • Urology_help
  • johnm1976
  • graham30431
  • Kakadukak
  • Shabarooney

    Prostate problems - Is the doctor correct?

    I had a urinary tract infection about 18 months ago which seemed to clear up fine. Then approximately 9 months ago I experienced 2 episodes of pain when ejaculating along with a few red spots of blood in my ejaculate. These occurred about 6 weeks apart with normal ejaculation without pain or blood in...

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  • catherine149
  • david155
  • ezzo

    worried about prostate, please help

    hello, i am 43 years old. I caught a water infection and had to go to hospital as i could not pass urine. i had a catheter fitted about was fine almost straight away. I stayed in hospital for 5 days until the catheter was removed. i took antibiotics and am now home feeling better. Whilst i was in hospital...

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  • jj12

    Bulb / Knot in perineum

    Hi everyone! I am a 30 year old male and i have noticed a hard ball type knot deep in the perineum area, Kind of a fraction up from the anus. It does feel like its at the end of the urethra. It's not sticking out or anything. In fact you have to press the area quite firmly to feel it. It feels...

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  • si-83

    Doctor seems useless, any help would be greatful

    I've had an ongoing problem which has been affecting me for over 10 years. It's to do with my prostate i think but could possibly be my bowels. It started 10 years ago when i was 18, i started having difficulty passing stools and having premature ejaculations and pain upon ejaculation. the problem...

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  • kima

    Prostate Tumour

    have just had a TURP for prostate enlargement_at the post op meeting was told that I had a tumour in my prostate gland. Really wish I had had my prostate removed in the first place. not confident that a 3 monthly PSA test over 12 months and then a prostate biopsy in about 15 months is best practice-its...

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  • isbfan

    Senior men's problem

    I have noticed recently that on occasion, when emptying my bowels, if I pass a large stool then a small amount of semen issues from my penis. What would be the cause? I'm a healthy male, 59 years of age. I do quite a bit of cycling and mention this as cyclists do take quite a punishing in this part...

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  • Barnie
  • Armylad1980

    Need a little help. Prostate issues, discharge

    Hello everyone, I really do need some help. Ive visited the GP many, many times now but they do not know what is causing my problems. It all started just over a year ago. I was in agony, my left testicle was realy painful and tender. I went to see a doctor who said it was Epidimitus? I was given Doxycycline...

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  • Guest


    Morning\&quot;áll\&quot;. Just looking for some advice and support, really. Have been diagnosed with BPH - started last August- peeing a lot. Have not started taking any medication yet as the symptoms, at present, are not too bad- discomfort in the waterworks mainly plus getting up at night...

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  • Guest

    outdated information

    to whom it make concern, Your information on LUTS is outdated. It has been proven several times in the past 10 years bij cross-sectional as well as by longitudinal multivariate analyses that LUTS and BPH often do not correlate with eachother. More often it is a result of overactive bladder, geriatric...

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  • Guest

    acute prostatitis

    I just got out of hospital a few days ago after having acute prostatitis. I was in hospital for 3 weeks. When it first started I found it a bit painful when urinating but I thought it would go away. About 24 hours later it was very painful when urinating and I had a high fever. In hindsight I wish I'd...

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  • Guest

    Chronic Prostatitis

    I am 36. I have chronic prostatits for 18 years, that's half my life. My experience in the disease and treatment follows: The pain is intense and cripling. I have to be in bed all the time. Intense spasms. Symptoms move from urethra to prostate, back,ass, testicles so when you feel you finished...

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  • Guest

    prostatitis advice desperately needed

    Can anyone give me any advice. My boyfriend for almost 2 years now has been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis and has been in constant pain. I am concerned that he is losing hope, he no longer goes to the doctor, has lost all interest in sex, never goes out and seems really down all the time. Various...

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  • Guest

    delph hollow

    pain regulary in a morning when woken,have to pass water regulary in short spurts pain can occure in the testis or the penis sometimes can be intermitant and have all test including std, cat scan ultra sound camera down the penis plus all blood and urine tests since 2005.i have spent over £1000...

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  • Bill Dodkins

    Talk to each other

    This debate seems to attract very few people, 4 in a year. I would have thought there were crowds out there, wanting to reveal the strange situations the little widdlers club have to endure. Dinner parties where the flap of the incontinence bag reveals the awful truth to one and all. The wish to find...

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  • Bill Dodkins

    Fight the world

    It would appear that when the medical profession is contronted by the enlarged prostate, they want to do something. They sent me to hospital, they gave me every catheter known to man, They plunged needles into my stomach, the hospital gave me MRSA.I went bankrupt. Yes one does have to follow doctor's...

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  • Guest

    chronic bacterial prostatitis

    I have been suffering from CBP.I have taken Nitrofurantoin (hydrous/anhydrous) capsules for the last three months. and still taking.amid this i have also taken ciprofloxacin 1 g,500 g,and ofloxacin 400 for 1 and half month. recently continue myself on taking Nitrofurantoin (hydrous/anhydrous) capsule....

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  • edward thomas

    prostate cancer less worry than prostatitis.

    :cry: I havetoday 25/04/08 been diagnosed with prostate cancer following investigations for a lower abdominal pain. I am 58 years old and am more worried, concerned and annoyed at having prostatitis. I start treatment today with Tramazol, Diclofenic, Ciprofloxin, Amitritizol and Panadol. Hoping for...

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  • Sailor Steve

    Another medicine

    I am 60 yo with a problem mainly of urgency incontinence, but which also results in frequent visits to the loo (sometimes several times an hour). I have been prescribed Dutrusitol (tolterodine tartrate), which is a muscle relaxant. It works by relaxing the detrusor muscle in the wall of the bladder...

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  • Guest

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