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Plantar Fasciitis

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  • hellsbells59 2

    Thank you

    Hi and thank you all for taking time to reply to my question i have just learned i am a injection in the sole of my foot i have a imflammed tendon which everytime i try and walk feels like my foot is on fire !! my injection is next week not really forward to it if i have to have a GA  i will keep

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  • laurane86691 1

    Tarsal tunnel syndrome

    Having had PF for going on 4 years I have been seeing an osteopath for the last 2 months This has helped the PF to a degree however a year ago I felt there was more going on as the joints in my feet were extremely painful and I had to have my medication put up. 600mg pregabalin as well as tramadol

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  • sparkle1 2

    pf possible help

    Hi everyone, hope this i broke fibula a year ago running along a cliff. a month after walking boot came off, got PF. Classic sign, in middle of heel. after 6 months, pain changed a little to around edge of heel and in arch. This is apparently very significant.  referred myself to a

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