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  • sophie0712
  • DLilT
  • botcom

    Paracetamol - sensitive stomach

    Hello, I wonder if anyone else has had this. I have always either taken paracetamol, ibuprofen for headaches etc. until recently I started getting headaches in the early hours and after taking the paracetamol and then going back to bed I then wake up with a feeling like I have been hit in the stomach....

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  • yukkymummy

    Paracetamol Cookies

    Hi Everyone, My youngest (just 5) had an operation yesterday on his 'boyhood' leaving him with stitches on his scrotum and in his groin. Anyway he is in a lot of pain but still refusing all medicine. In the hospital it had to be given through a drip taking over an hour! I've tried hiding...

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  • Diana Whiting
  • Guest
  • Sandra 1


    For the last 3wks i have been really poorly had a large dose of antibiotics and told to take paracetamol for pain, ihave done this but each time about 1hr later iam absolutely wet through with a cold sweat, i have tried other pain killers and exactly the same happens. Could you help me please.

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