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Palsy - Non Cerebral

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  • coldhearted 2

    bell palsy switched sides overnight

    So I have had bell palsy for almost two weeks yesterday it looked like it was leaving than behind my left ear started hurting so bad My jaw tightened up my speech started to sound scrambled. So today I woke up to bell palsy on the other side of my face other started on the Right n now It's on the

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  • humme01632 2

    bells palsy

    hy everyone. i am humme from pakistan. i am suffering in this bad disease from last 23 years . when i was only 6 months old. i belong to a very poor family. my parents can not afford my treatment. i can not close my right eye or when i laugh or weep my face turned to left. in my whole life i just

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  • Dazz56 1

    Erbs palasy

    Hello, i have erbs palasy in my left arm, I'm 22 and in the past 3 months my arm has been getting more painful then normal. In the last week I have been suffering from muscle spasms in my arm and the left side of my chest as well as pins and needles in my fingers. I have seen the doctor who took

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