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  • pamela82051
  • nicola23901

    cyst laparoscopy

    Hi I had a laparoscopy done last Friday. They removed a 6 cm cyst from my tube and also had to grain away another the same size which was stuck to my overt as well. They could not remove this one as it was too dangerous and they didn't want to damage my overy. I week later I a feel in more pain then...

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  • Sboverly

    Stomach pains with an Ovarian Cyst?

    Hi Im 29 and I have a Right ovarian complex cyst. They found it last month at 4.2cm and its shrunk to 2.4cm so far. Well, I've had a little pain here and there around the cyst area but nothing major. Well, now it's at that time where my period should be here any day and I've been having some...

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  • CyrilsHost

    10cm dermoid cyst :-(

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this but thought if I could get advice anywhere then it would be from people who've been through it! I'm 30yrs old with 3 children and have just found out I have a 10x9.5cm dermoid on my right ovary. The symptoms I've had for the last 4yrs suddenly make sense,...

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  • cymro

    pseudo ovarian cyst,

    Hi in July after a scan, I was diagnosed with a ovarian cyst. Due to the fact I have severe adhesions and my gynae operated on me 2 years for a suspected mass only to discover it was the adhesions. I have had a MRI and the cyst measures 10 x 10.3 x 7.2 cms in the pelvis area. My gynaes clinical impression...

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  • Sarah87

    Cyst and scar tissue

    Hi I'm new to this. 5 years ago I had a cyst removed from my left ovary and it was 20x10x12 in size. It crushed my ovary and 1 tube completely so now I just have 50% working. Ever since the op I've been in pain in my lower areas. I've had ultrasounds, swabs, MRI, blood tests everything....

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  • RunHM29

    Exercise with Ovarian Cyst

    If anyone can share their past experiences or knowledge that would be great. I have recently been diagnosed with a dermoid ovarian cyst and have been scheduled for an MRI to confirm that it is indeed the correct diagnosis, with the intention of having laparotomy afterwards as it cannot be removed via...

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  • Diane66

    Has cyst burst?

    Hi, wonder if anyone can advise, I've got a 3-4 cm cyst which I was told at my last appointment in May that it had shrunk, I had a partial hysterectomy in 2010. Since June about every 4 weeks I have passed a tiny amount of watery blood, thought nothing of it really, just accepted that it was all...

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  • bexxi1410

    2 HUGE Ovarian Cysts

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. On Monday 8th Oct 2012, I got severe lower left abdominal pain. I got an emergency appt on Tues morning, told by the doctor I had a urine infection. I was then sent for an ultrasound and the technician said I had an extremely large cyst on the left and another ...

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  • Louise1984

    Two large cysts one on each ovary and now 5days late

    Hi everyone, i'm new to this site and was just after some advise and some advise from people in the same situation as me. I was told on the 8th Sep 2012 i have two cysts one on each ovary by a scan at the hospital, one is just under 6cm and the other is over 7cm but one has like a deviding wall in...

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  • Pinklillies1

    Ovarian cyst

    Im 27 and have been told I have a 5cm cyst in my right ovary, my Gp did not give me any information relating to this and I'm now just left waiting until my consultant appointment in october, is this a small cyst in relation to my ovary when I ask all I get told is that it's on the big side compared...

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  • sorrowfull

    really need help

    So i go to the gp roughly sept 2011 pain during intercourse and on off abdomen pain, I have various ultrasound scans to watch it (grow) fast forward to 2 weeks ago i take myself to the gp thinking i have a bad urine infection but all test are clear and dr says its the cyst, it needs removing as its...

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  • pokhara

    Ovarian cyst worry

    Hi, just looking for other peoples view please. I started having bad pains saturday night, like very strong period pains then started bleeding, im not due on, in fact my last period was late then was only on fo 1 day, so not due on for about another week to 10 days. It was blood like my period it is...

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  • vijji

    Bilateral ovarian cysts

    Hi All, we are trying for pregnancy since 6 months.we are not successful. we met doctor recently when doctor did an ultrasound examination.it is written as Left ovary shows a 4.5 cms cyst with thick internal echoes. Eight Ovary Shows 2 cysts with thick internal echoes measuring 4.5 cms and 3.5 cms....

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  • angel10578

    Large Ovarian Cyst

    I had an emergency Laparotomy to remove very large Ovarian Cyst along with the ovary it was attached to on 25th September last year. It was the largest my surgeon had seen in his career - 35cms diameter and held 9 litres of fluid!! A lot of you will wonder how/why i let it get to that size without doing...

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  • cloex

    I need some help and advice

    Hi im Cloe, first timer at this. I am 19 and have just been told that i have a 8cm cyst on my right ovary caused by the contraceptive injection a few years ago. I have been told by the doctor that he is going to operate as soon as possible but thinks that my ovary is going to be so badly damaged that...

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  • charlyking

    Can anyone tell me... does this sound like cysts?

    I have been having some problems since dec when I started getting pains that felt like I was on a really heavy period and I had bad back pain. This continued and I started getting a really bloated stomach. I have been to the doctors and was told it was IBS and shoved out the door. I have read up on...

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  • MissSarah33

    Option to freeze eggs before op to remove ovarian cysts

    Hi Does anyone know if there is an option to have eggs removed and frozen on the nhs prior to or during an operation to remove cysts from ovaries? I have two cysts 8cm and 5cm, Im due to have an op to remove them in 3 weeks, ive been told that worse case scenario my ovaries may have to be removed too.No...

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  • Mojo123
  • karen30
  • ellie123

    Need advice on ovarian cyst!

    Well, I've just had an ultrasound confirming I have a 7cm cyst on my right ovary. The problem is, they just want to wait for six weeks, and then do another scan. As well as other symptoms, such as pain, I feel extremely tired a lot of the time, and when I went to the GP, he said it could be a symptom...

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  • Paris30

    Ovarian cyst? Please help me.....

    Hi there I have been having abdominal pain since dec, and kept thinking i was pregnant, as my symptoms are : swollen sore tender breasts, bloated stomach, horrendous stabbing pain, sometimes like a dull ache, in both sides, where my ovaries are situated...it sometimes goes from side to side almost...

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  • Emily Ross

    Suspected Ovarian cyst

    My view of gynaecologists is from a deep mistrust of men wanting to get into women's vaginas by this route. I went to a Stirling hospital a couple years ago. My partner was not allowed to accompany me because the nurse said that I was going to get an intimate examination. so he was taken to another...

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  • srhadden

    I.B.S aware!

    for two years or more have been told that i was suffering with I.B.S.,but having so much pain in my lower abdoman,i went to my doctor again so she examined my stomach , and when she finished she said that she would like me to have an ultrasound because it could be my OVERIRES that are causeing so much...

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  • Diane66
  • cupcakes99
  • sue1954

    10cm cyst

    hi there , i was treated for urine kidney infection for 4 weeks nothing worked no anitbioctics nothing , so went back to gp as was in a lot of pain still always in the kidney area and bottom of my back, the dr thought it may be kidney stones so he sent me for a ultrasound scan thats when they found...

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  • lynsey

    ovarian cyst

    hi all, my name's lynsey and this is the first time i've posted on here, having a scan tomorrow to check on a cyst i have on my left ovary, it started in dec when i had such a funny feeling it was like i was pregnant and a baby had dropped like it was engaging, i was in work at the time and had...

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  • Diane66

    ovarian cysts after hysterectomy

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has had similar experience to me or from anyone who can offer advice please! I've just been told I have a 2cm cyst on my left ovary. I had the Ca125 test a couple of months ago which was negative. I had a hysterectomy a year ago. The test results said \&quot;repeat...

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  • dianewinter

    2nd dermoid cyst

    hi people. not really one to use public forums but am sat at home with mind ticking over and felt it maybe good to hear from others with simalar experiences. About 3 yrs ago Iwas suffering extreme pain in my tummy and groin. I was sent home from A + E and told I prob had a hernia and to lie down for...

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  • MrsTig

    Ovarian Cyst

    Hello - I've just been diagnosed with a cyst on my ovary. Been having abdonimal discomfort for some time which was dismissed by GPs as being IBS. Paid for a private scan that eventually showed this condition. Consultant says it's not cancerous (have had tumour blood checks) but am really worried....

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  • tigger8596

    Large ovarian cyst

    Hi - I just had a pelvic ultrasound this morning and 2 cysts were located on my right side. One is large and is 67.7mm across and the other one is small. I have had problems on and off with anemia for at least 3 years and my leg has a tendency to just give out on me. The leg problems have been going...

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  • Mclaren

    1kg dermoid cyst

    It all started back in 2003 pain had started in my hip and leg, I carried on nurofen was my life saver,untill i was going though a pack a day ,I made appointment to see the doctor ,he didnt want to know sent me to the chiropactor so off I went 2 years I was there it was gettin worst nurofen wasnt working...

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  • Guest

    Could I have another cyst

    In June 2009, I had an 8cm cyst removed. I have still got the ovary but the fallopian tube had to be removed. For about the past 6 months my periods have become heavier and very painful. The pain seems to be low down in the ovary area. I also seem to get pain in that area when I am ovulating. I have...

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  • Guest


    I have a simple thin walled cyst on my ovary which is causing some pain. I am 52 years old and do not produce eggs due to hypopituitarism, so am very worried. Currently waiting tests, doctor is treating as urgent as I am so stressed and blood pressure is raised. Spent hours on internet researching but...

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  • Guest

    septated ovarian cyst

    I have a septated ovarian cyst. 7.5cm with a 3cm solid area inside the cyst. When I went for the scan the nurse said she wasn't happy with what she saw and was fast tracking me. I asked if if it could be more serious and she said it could be. told me to get to docs in the afternoon and get a ca125...

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  • Guest

    CA125 worries and surgery

    Hi i have been dig with an ovarian cyst on both my ovaries, they found it about a year ago just before i fell pregnant. They told me it was non cancerous and would monitor it, after given birth they have now decided that week after next i am to have them remved examied by hopefully keyhole or cutting...

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  • Guest

    Ovarian cyst

    Hi, I have been having pains in my lower abdomin for some time. I went to the hospital, where scan was done and I was told that it was the cyst. The one on the right is 8cm while the one on the left is still small. I was given flagyl, doxocyline to take for 14days and go back for review after one month....

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