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  • mag2 2

    Ive Tried something new other than Omeprazole

    I forgot to collect my Perscription last week Omeprazole , as my usual Chemist was closed I spoke to a Chemist in my local supermarket , she recommended Esomeprazole 20mg once a day , day 2 and ive had no problems, on Omeprazole my sence of smell and taste were messed up , dinner last night i had suasages,...

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  • bowl 2

    losec tablets

    ive taken losec for 18 years 20mg twice aday 3 weeks ago i had to have a camera down my throat a week later i started with chest stomach pain so doctor put me on 40mg for a few days as any one else had a prob after having a camera its over a week now and doesnt seem to be getting any better 

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  • amanda75990 3

    Increased dosage

    HI there, just wondering how long it might take for an increase in dosage of omeprazole to show signs of improvment. My son had GERD and has done since he was a premature baby. He did get a lot better but is going through a nasty flareup right now. As a result his consultant has upped his dose - he

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