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  • jojo1975

    vaginal bleeding for 4 weeks?

    Ive been taking omeprazole since November 2013,as the previous medication i was given was also possibly causing bleeding. Has anyone else had this happen and if so what are you taking? Ive been bleeding for 4 weeks now,its not heavy,but its always there,i have an appointment with my gp on Monday so hopefully...

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  • jc080153
  • lynn48

    regreting it now!

    Hi, i am a shift worker and began suffering badly with acid reflux (heartburn) about three years ago. My doc gave me 20mg omeprazole once a day, amazing it was gone! But.... last december i got a bad chest infection, felt so tired and rundown and was given antibiotics, fine, but i then got hives, a really...

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