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    Lucid dream and sore gums/mouth

    Hi all, When the Dr prescibed me 15mg per night he said it would take two weeks to 'kick in' but I'm on day 4 and feel much better already, The only downfall is sore gums and roof of mouth. Am a bit worried about the weight gain? How many of you have gained weight? Am wondering maybe because...

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  • Guest M


    I am in shock with all your reviews re: Mirtazapine! just started them last week between the weight gain and agression experience some of you have had, putting me right off! I am really heavy as it is trying to watch my diet, is there any hope of not gaining too much weight, was increased appitite that...

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  • alfa 1

    still get episodes of depression

    Hi There, I have been on 45mg Mirtazapine for over a year now. I still get crippling episodes of depression, maybe twice a month that can last for a few days up to a week or so. The Mirtazapine has helped in some areas of my illness but the depression is still very strong at times and the thoughts...

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