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    prickly heat relief

    Hi to all sufferers of prickly heat...GET THE HYDRO CORTISONE INJECTION, thats my advice it relieves my symptoms within 24 hours leaving you spot and itch free for weeks!!! Go to the nearest doctors you can find abroad and ask them for it.....Why do the doctors only give this marvelous injection abroad????...

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  • patcar77 1

    Relief from Urticaria

    :D I would like for everyone to know that there is relief from this condition. I browsed the internet for a long time and came across a site which recommended Ketotifen. It suppresses the histamine and all but virtually stops the itching. I have been on it for the past month and within 24/48 hours there...

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  • Guest M

    Heat Rash

    :lol: I have suffered from this condition for a number of years now and have tried various treatments without sucess,however,i am just back from a 2 week holiday in Spain and of course i got my prickly heat rash again,but before i went i got hold of a spray called Magic cool plus which i found to be...

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