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  • Dayvid

    A warm welcome - Migraine aura talk

    Hey guys. I'll start with a very short outline of my problem(s) - Migraines for 12 years. They started when i was about 10/11 years old. - My migraines consist of visual aura and headache. - Not severe, migraleve take care of it. So my problem started after a tough battle with Health Anxiety....

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  • helen97848

    Computer and Tv Migraines

    I had a minor car accident 18 months ago and my neurologist diagnosed. Me with post concussion. Syndrome which is basically migraine symptoms. However since October 2013 I have not only suffered severe headaches I have had increased headaches using computers, phones, reading and can not even go near...

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  • Tobamory


    Hi I tried this and it worked, I had 1 attack in 6 months, However its now discontinued sad. Has anybody had this and also faced this issue, and if so what did you neurologist put you on. My doctor just threw pizotifen at me which doesn't work. thanks Rob

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