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  • tanya99 2


    I'm wondering, I'm currently taking Starflower oil with evening primrose vitamins (they're both mixed into one) and something for the nervous system I can't quite remember what they're called, will I be able to take teensense Omega-3 with vitamins ACD & E along with these? I'm only 15 

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  • naomi16 1

    Continued use of Dosulepin

    I have taken Dosulepin on doses between 25mg and 75mg for 12 years now initially for anxiety and depression and latterly to help back pain as well. I came off it completely for 10 weeks in 2006 but then started on it again as I couldn't sleep.  I visited my GP today about another matter and she raised...

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  • Elvianna 2

    Anyone still take Dosulepin?

    I have been taking dosulepin for 5 weeks now and when I first started taking them I was on 25mg after 3 weeks I had to up it to 50mg and in 2 weeks time I have to up it to 75mg. I am taking this for tension headaches and migraines. When I first started taking this medication it seemed to be working for...

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