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  • BOCES 1

    Saw the urologist today 4/27/15

    Upon developing a hydroseal 6 months after prostrate surgery I contacted my family doctor. I had moved and was unable to see the urologist that did the surgery. The family doctor sent me to get an ultrasound to confirm the hydroseal. Consultation with my family Dr made me decide to leave it alone

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  • johnuk 1


    I had operation on 12/9/13 after discovering in march 13 that my left teste was swollen this may have been the result of my 2 year grandson jumping on me however it may have been there prior to that, I went to see my doctor she examined me and gave me antibiotic, followed by a stronger dose

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  • Ingrid 1

    Hydrocele in Children

    We have just been informed that my three year old grandson has Hydrocele but I have been reading up on it and am a bit confused. It sounds to me that it is something that babies are normally born with or devolop soon after birth. My grandson did not have any problems with his testicles until about

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