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  • Edsentinel 1

    Hernia Pain after lifting

    I had ahernia repaired in the groin 7 years ago and suffered no pain since.  However a month ago i lifted a small wieght at work and felt a small pull at the repair site. Since this i have had a shrap burning sensation just off the repair scar and my left testicle constantly aches. I have been to a and...

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  • david77855 1

    Inguinal Hernia

    What a relief to read the assuring posts from people who have had the op!! I have had my hernia for 28 YEARS yes you read it right, I have never had any pain at all and have always carried on working even though I had a large bulge in the scrotam. But a couple of weeks ago I woke during the night with...

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  • ruby05760 2

    Hiatus hernia.

    I have had a Hiatis hernia for years & take Nexiam which does help but also got  palpitations which used to last for between 10mins to 3 hours. I blamed my Hiatis Hernia for this until I went in for a knee replacement & had a bad attack which went on for hours.when they took my blood pressure it was...

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