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  • david77855 1

    Inguinal Hernia

    What a relief to read the assuring posts from people who have had the op!! I have had my hernia for 28 YEARS yes you read it right, I have never had any pain at all and have always carried on working even though I had a large bulge in the scrotam. But a couple of weeks ago I woke during the night with...

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  • lesley73033 3

    !8 week pathway for surgery

    As I've mentioned here before, I am awaiting surgery for a repair to my 4th hernia.  I was referred by my GP at the beginning of March and received an appointment for 17th July to see my consultant.  The following month the hospital cancelled this and gave me an appointment for 31st July.  The week after...

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  • frognrose 2

    incisional hernia

     As a result of appendix OP and severe peritonitis 25/01/13 . I now have an incisional hernia the size of a honey dew melon. It isnt painfull but uncomfortable if I wear any thing tight.  does any body know of a good surgeon  in the south west ,gloucestershire or Bristol area Who is a specialist in this...

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