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  • adam94675 2

    When to worry?

    Hi, my name is Adam and I have been getting headaches constantly for 3 weeks now. The pain is dull. I have had my eyes tested an was told they are healthy. Should I be worried? Could it be a sign of a serious illness such as a brain tumour. How would I know if it was. I have never had headaches that...

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  • erika22 3

    Weird head sensations?

    I'm a 23 year old female. I've been getting this weird head sensations usually on the right side. It feels numb and I can get sudden burning sensation out of nowhere which causes me to freak out and makes my anxiety even worst. Has anyone ever felt this? They are not like bad headaches but it is a discomfort...

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  • jawbone 1

    orgasm headaches

    For the last few months I have been experiencing very sore headaches just after i have had an orgasm or ejaculated. The headaches are normally felt at the back of my head. However, last night I experienced the most painful one yet and it lasted for about 2-3 minutes then left me with just a dull pain....

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