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  • levi32556 1

    Does anyone else feel this way?

    Hello, I've had the globus senseation for over 4 years.  I am from the US, and unlike many people here, I can't seem to find any reason for why my symptoms started.  The tightness/lump in the throat seems to get worse with stress, but not necessarily reading.  Sometimes when I'm sitting on the couch...

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  • jay40m 2


    ive had 3 endoscopes, 2 bariums and did a pepsin test and all looks well except for a little inflamation in the vocals.  I have a globus sensation thats been lasting 7 months. slight mucus behind the throat. my throat is raw, its dry and sore and my pallate and tongue burn.  Ive tried ppis and gabapentin...

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  • freddie_84 1

    Glad I'm not alone

    It's been really useful and helpful to read about other people's experiences with Globus Hystericus. This is a term that you wouldn't just \"know\"-you would have had to have researched it. Having read other people's experiences with it, I could really relate to many of their feelings and symptoms-it's...

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