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  • nathanreeves 1

    Boils underarm

    hi there my partner has theses under her arms,she's had them 12months now they come for a week then go for a few days  the doctor are useless all Iv ever been told is try theses antibiotics then come see me then two weeks down the line when she's still got them they Palm her off with differ ones as

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  • Vienna 1

    Follicultis in my entire life

    I have this problem on my body (arms, legs, back) which most have small bumps. It is not reddish but just a small-like pimple but no puss. Someone can only notice it on a closer look but I still not comfortable wearing mini skirts or sleeveless because the appearance of the bumps just so

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  • Guest M

    Folliculitis when waxing

    I have experienced a break-out of folliculitis three times. I had been waxing for years on my legs when out of the blue I reacted badly and had to go on a course of anti-biotics. I lay off it for a good while but couldn't stand the shaving - yuck! I have always gone to a reputable beautician and

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