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Eye Problems

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  • sheila34645 2

    Optic neuritis

    Hi i hae worn glasses all my life and always been dependant on them.  I was having trouble with my vision so decided to have my eyes checked out again, although i only had a sight test nine months ago.  It resulted in me requiring stronger glasses and a large increase in both eyes, especially my

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  • debbie67113 1

    advice please

    Hi i am in my forties and have been blind in my left eyes all my life, apparently the retinu did not develope properly. I have a few ops as a child and in my twenty's had a catarac op. Recently my left eye has been very stingy and sore. I was at the eye hospital today to be told there is a

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  • jinny23 3

    Corneal Epithelial Dystrophy

    I noticed a change in my sight recently, went to the optician and last week i visited an eye specialist. He said i had CED. To be fair, he was very professional and explained the mechanics of the condition extremely well. I left the appointment room with greater knowledge yet feeling, at a loss. He

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