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    hi there I have a brain injurym 4 yrs out,,,,,I was on prozac 20 mg hten 40 mg and concerta and did very well,,,was on for 11 yrs.   Tapered off still did well,,,,had my brain injury and now have severe anxiety and depression and have tried almost every antidepressant available and couldnt tolerate.....I...

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  • tonya46846 5


    I've been taking 10 mg of lexapro at bedtime for 6 weeks.. Not sure if its working or enough mg. I wake anxious and dizzy a lot.. Anyone take this and what's your thoughts on it? Should I try taking it in the morning? 

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  • Zio10 2

    7 days on 5mg generic Lexapro.

    I Have been on 5mg of Escitalopram now for 7 days. Also take 1/4 of a .5 mg Klonipine as needed. I had taken prescribed dose of 10 mg one night an next day horrible anxiety. So nurse said half it an take @ night to fight off nausea. I haven't had any nausea yet. Anxiety down since taking only 5mg. But...

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