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  • jamiew244

    stabbed in my arm.... medication

    I previously had a heroin addition with help of methodone I I seld detox from all but I got stabbed serving 3 of the nerves in my arm. I have got a few diazepams I got feom my sister and they seem to work a treat. I get really bad pain in mu arm and my arm dont keep still muscles go crazy itsVERY painful....

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  • Guest


    I have taken Diazepam before, 3 times a day for a week, over a month ago. Today I took one - but I've been itchy all night since. I've got a few acne-like spots now on my face and neck which are a little itchy, plus my chest and upper back are itching .... no little rash spots, just scratch marks...

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  • sharon17

    Diazepam advice

    I wondered if any one have had similar experience with diazapam?I first took it 3 months a go for a MRI scan.I took 5mg the night before the scan and 10mg on the morning of the scan it worked great it didn't knock me out at all and stopped me panicing to get the mri scan, as I couldn't have had...

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