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  • night owl 2 3

    my bad

    Love this site it as helped me so much, think already said this? Anyhoo I want to apologise cos said something other than 1212? (Read posts) ya know when things seem really grim? Stuff happens? Like me afew mins ago,.proper depressed"drunk" and depressed not a great combination, then I used this site...

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  • Unhappy1 2

    Health workers

    Some health workers don't understand that when people get lots of worry that they can't sort out, it causes mental health problems. they should be able to sign post people to the support they need, before things escalate. Surely then people are less likely to become so ill that they constantly reach...

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  • sidewinder 1

    Depression and Citalopram

    Not entirely sure why I'm posting, I rarely do. Its not even a great story. I appear to have glided through life on a knife edge, I've tried suicide twice in my youth and was hospitalised once with acute pancreatitis after a drug/alcohol suicide bid. Mostly I'm a very calm even-handed person, but any...

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