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  • james19770 2


    hi been Sunday since took my last diazepam too yellow twice a day been down to one a day then this year I have achieved more in this role in my self going longer periods without one have had more normal own feelings relies how strong just one of this tablets are by stopping and then retake you relies...

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  • angela15547 2


    For anyone who is withdrawing from benzodiazopines I would like to recommend that you do research into any drug labelled under this banner. The withdrawing must be very gradual and you must be aware that you may get bad feelings at the end of the withdrawl. I am setting up this discussion as I have read...

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  • Berkboston 1

    low dose lorazepam taper???

    HI There, I have been taking: Lorazepam 0.5mg once a day (bedtime) for about 8 weeks. My doc said since I was on such a low dose only once a day for 8 weeks, I could just stop. Bad idea - it lead to severe nausea and migraines. I would like to try to taper, but cannot find taper advice for only...

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