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  • dsm-author2008

    Free wigs for anyone under 16.

    I have a friend who like myself suffers from Asperger's Syndrome and about a few months back she made the mistake of chopping most of her hair off. I read on this website about free wigs and fabric supports and it said this applied to anyone under 116, she has just become 15 at the end of the year...

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  • Guest


    I have discovered on the internet that they is a possible cure. What makes me extremely angry is that this possible cure of just restoring the MECP2 has not been pushed forward to possible candidates of curing this horrible illness. What even more that hurts is yes my sister had this illness and died...

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  • debsW


    I have a lovely 6 year old son, he was diag with features of autism at 2, he has little speech he was also diag with PLAGIOCEPHALY and TORTICOLLIS he has to be under constant supervision he has no understanding of danger, He has had assessments about 3 years ago and his scores was below average for autistic...

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