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  • john m 1

    Amlodipine bad side effects

    This replaced felodipine as a cost cutting exercise. I've read other posts on this and much of the same happened to me. I was too fatigued to do anything, had trance like experiences, dizzieness, nausea, back pains and felt like I wasn't here. It took me a while to figure out the cause but one day

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  • Guest M

    The story so far

    I resumed the Amlodipine on 10 Jan this year, as the pins and needles didnt as I am still taking steroids albeit a lower dose since I started, I thought Id resume to one 5mg tablet per day. In fact had a 24 hour monitor of BP done last night on GP referral. Couldnt sleep with that

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  • Guest M


    hi i am 55 had a T I A at 48 and obviously have high BP, i am bricky and have two herniated discs, the doctor says that my BP is not connected but i have my own BP monitor and at its highest its 190 /110 when i am in pain and when i find a comfy possition i can get it down to 113/67 so i have

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