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Abdominal Disorders

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  • hayley210391 1

    Being Sick HELP ME xx

    Hiya......I'm new to all this and not really sure if people can help me or not but its worth a try..... I'm having quite alot of tests on my kidneys at the moment and the pain has eased off alot but for the past 2.5 weeks ive noticed that I cant eat anything after 6.30 - and when I say anything...

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  • ks65271 1

    Problem in Stomach

    From starting itself i have problem in stomach, There is no intention for hungry, If i eat 2 r 3 idly or dhosa my stomach is getting full. Now a days I cant able to eat these nos. also. My stomach is lightly burning cant able to eat. If it is symptom for ulcer? please tell me how to prevent this from...

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  • john71284 2


    For the longest time, I've had digestive issues. Often my stomach will get uncomfortably full then begin to settle without much of an ache. However, the moment i get up to go do something even as simple as walking my stomach feels unsettled and begins to hurt. It is almost as if i am fine until i...

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