Phone Advice / Helplines

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Many of the patient self help and support groups in Patient UK have telephone helplines. Other sources of phone advice include the following.

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NHS Direct

The phone advice line for England and Wales from the NHS. A 24 hour helpline that provides advice if you are ill. Nurses who take the calls provide advice that may include how to manage minor illnesses at home or when and how to get further help for more serious illness.

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NHS 24 Helpline for Scotland

NHS Helpline for Scotland. Provides comprehensive information about health services and the NHS in Scotland. The helpline covers health education, patients' rights, waiting times, GPs, pharmacists and opticians, community services and hospital services. Free leaflets on a wide range of health topics are also available. Calls to this information service are free and confidential.

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NHS Direct Wales

Nurse led health and information telephone service. Offers advice on local health services, helplines and websites.

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Benefit Helplines

From the Department for Work and Pensions.

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The Samaritans provides 24 hour confidential emotional support for people in distress or despair.

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A helpline providing confidential emotional support to children, young adults and adults on a variety of issues including relationships, child abuse, bullying, eating disorders, self harm, panic attacks, domestic violence, stress, depression, anxiety. A member of the Telephone Helplines Association and adhere to their Guidelines for Good Practice.

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Telephone Directory of helplines

Over 900 national, regional and local telephone helplines throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, can be found by a simple to use search facility. Many are health related.